YOUR ENVIRONMENT: Five Ways To Celebrate Earth Day

Taking Care Of  Your Planet Is A Great Idea 

Every day, our friends at Habitat for Humanity take in donated goods that otherwise could end up in landfills. Tons of construction materials, furniture and decorations are re-used by socially-conscious consumers looking for awesome bargains while taking great care of our planet.

As a part of the 2017 Earth Day celebration, Habitat for Humanity offers the following five unique ways to preserve our planet:

1. Plant a tree or wildflowers. Trees are great air purifiers and native wildflowers support our pollinators. Stop by the Charleston ReStore on Earth Day, April 22 for free wildflower seeds with every purchase (while supplies last).


2. Register to attend Habitat for Humanity’s Master Homeowner Class – Energy Efficiency. Learn simple techniques for creating a more affordable and efficient home.


3. Plan and prepare an Earth Day meal or potluck for your friends and family. Try to use only locally produced foods and favor produce which requires less resources to grow than meat. Cooking not your thing? Attend a local ramp dinner like StinkFest. Eating foraged spring greens is a great way to live off the land.


4. Donate to the ReStore! More than 13,000 tons of viable home goods have been diverted from local landfills at the ReStore. Live in Teays Valley? Sign up to organize or participate in ReStore’s upcoming Repurpose for a Purpose sub-division donation drive.


5. Challenge your family to accomplish tasks in your daily routine without the use of electricity. Cook a meal, do laundry, live by natural light or simply enjoy your evening without screens. By focusing on our consumption we better appreciate and learn to conserve our resources.