Tasty Blend Still Owes $60,000 In Taxes

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Has Repaid Majority Of Back Property Tax Bill

In 2012, we reported that Tasty Blend failed to pay years of Putnam County Property taxes – and was given a re-payment plan.

Five years later, Tasty Blend is making those payments, but still owes more than $60,000.

In 2005, Roy Elswick, Jr., owner of Tasty Blend Foods, wanted to expand his Scott Depot manufacturing plant. However, the Putnam County Planning Commission, as it does with many businesses, refused to grant Elswick the zoning permits.

Many business owners would have taken their companies elsewhere, and Elswick could have done so. The DuPont High School graduate has roots in Kanawha County. However, Elswick generously built a new Tasty Blend complex at the struggling Putnam Business Park, off Johnson Road between U.S. 35 and Route 817.

Elswick agreed to a tax incentive to stay in Putnam County. Anti-business Putnam County Commissioner Stephen H. “Steve” Andes voted against the incentive.

Then Putnam County Commissioners James H. “Jim” Caruthers and Raymond “Joe” Haynes voted for it. Commissioner Gary O. Tillis replaced Caruthers after the 2006 election.

Haynes retired after his term ended in 2016 and was replaced by Commissioner Ronald Reagan Foster).

Tasty Blend relocated, providing dozens of construction and permanent jobs.

The problem is, Tasty Blend was never sent the tax bill. Andes ordered a review and it was determined that the company owed more than $125,000 in back taxes.

Above is the repayment schedule, and payment record, provided to PutnamCountyNews.com by the Putnam County Sheriff’s tax department. As you can read, including its recent, July, 2017 payment, Tasty Blend is keeping the repayment agreement, of $8991.00 annually, while paying its current taxes. However, it still owes more than $60,000 and has years to finish repaying.