Supreme Court Criticized For Supreme Spending

Million$ Are $pent To Renovate Offices

At a time when West Virginia was facing a $500 million budget deficit, our Supreme Court of Appeals Justices were spending huge money – nearly $4 million – to renovate their capitol offices – at the expense of, us, the Mountain State’s taxpayers.

As a result, a “not-so-civil-war” is underway with justices blaming, controversial, former, administrator Steven Canterbury and Canterbury firing back, saying he spent what he was told to spend.

Eyewitness News Reporter Kennie Bass has the details in his Waste Watch Investigation report.

And, in this follow-up report.

Canterbury’s replacement, former Nicholas County Circuit Judge, Gary Johnson, is reportedly paid nearly $250,000 annually. However, Johnson is more qualified than Canterbury was. Johnson, an experienced judge, has a Juris Doctorate (law degree). Canterbury has a Masters Degree, in English, from the University of California, Berkeley, a controversial school, with a history of hippie demonstrators and a reputation for extreme liberalism and whacky teachings.