Speedway Hikes Gas Prices

Drivers See Increase Of 19 Cents

So you want to drive to the beach for vacation?

Prepare to pay more at the pump.

Thursday, July 6th, 2017, Speedway hiked prices, in Putnam County, to $2.35.9 for a gallon of unleaded. In Nitro, drivers were paying $2.19.9 a gallon. By Saturday, other stations in the region matched the increase.

The “exception,” was the Nitro Pilot station where one sign showed $1.35.9, and management refunded the difference, after a delay, but only after the $2.35.9 price was originally paid.

According to GasBuddy.com, Putnam County is paying higher prices than in Charleston. This means drivers who work in the capital city, or are passing through on the way to Myrtle Beach, will fill up there, hurting the Putnam County economy.

At the urging of West Virginia Governor James C. “Jim” Justice, II, West Virginia’s legislature passed a 3.5 cent gasoline tax increase that took place July 1st, 2017. However, prices didn’t increase, in Putnam County, and the increase, a week later, is far more than 3.5 cents.

History is repeating itself, where gasoline prices, in Myrtle Beach are significantly lower than in the Mountain State where our higher gasoline tax is a fraction of the price difference.