Special Report: Branches Denies Man Assistance

Says State Police Seized Family Computers

“When there is no one in your life to turn to – Branches is always here.”  Branches website statement.

“Not exactly,” says one single father.

“Branches, in Huntington, refused to help me,” the man says. “They cited a ‘conflict of interest’ but refused to be specific.”

PutnamCountyNews.com does not name domestic abuse victims – unless they release their names, so we are not publishing his name.

“I turned to Branches for help and they turned me down,” he explains. “I called and emailed Executive Director Amanda Weiss McComas. She didn’t return my messages or email.”

PutnamCountyNews.com also emailed McComas and received a message stating that she is out of the office. Our calls to Branches, asking for her, were also not returned.

“Of course, we can respond immediately to your call,” Branches website states. “If you or someone you know feels unsafe in a relationship, call Branches’ 24-hour domestic violence hotline. All calls are strictly confidential! Call 304-529-2382.”

One man says he is still waiting, for help, from Branches. He feels he is being discriminated against – because he is a man.

“They referred me to the Charleston YWCA which refused to help, and a place in Ashland, which hasn’t returned my call,” he explains.

Branches is advertising an opening on its board of directors. The man says he applied. He wants to make sure everyone gets help from Branches.