SHUBERT: The Smile On Your Face

We Must Never Give Up The Fight
By David R. Shubert
Author, Columnist

David R. Shubert

When we go through a divorce it is an emotional heartbreak.  What we once thought would last a lifetime, ends in the blink of an eye fifty percent of the time.  Our thoughts race with questions about how we could have changed our situation and made things better.  Our emotions are consumed by the aspect of losing the person we once cared about and loved.

However, when children are involved, everything is taken to the next level.  We can survive a failed relationship through the process of time and eventually move forward in our lives.  Children who were born of us are meant to know who we are, as a mother or father for all times.  We must do all that is within our power to protect them and our rights to be with one another.

Unfortunately, we occasionally meet the destructive nature of someone who seeks to destroy us in all manners possible after failing in our relationship with them.  Somehow, these individuals feel an incessant need to cause our downfall and when they fail in one action, they will most assuredly turn to another that is more effective and that is through the alienation of our children.

This is when they have pushed the right button to cause us to spiral out of control in our mental and emotional states and well-being.  Money and homes can be replaced.  However, the relationship and bonds we have with our children cannot be re-created overnight nor, the lost and stolen memories that should have been in our lives.

Alienators are cruel in this manner and they will never feel remorse for the harm they cause to us targeted parents and our children.  Perhaps, it is something in their genes or personality that will not allow them to be normal in the area of compassion they show for others.  Then again, maybe it’s something in the water that causes them to act out in such outlandish ways.

We will never really know the answer to this as, we desperately search for the truth.  What we do know is that we and our children are made to suffer the consequences of their actions.  The lives they destroy and cripple will never be the same nor, the opportunity to restore itself to previous levels of happiness.  We can only hope for future resolution as, we move forward in our battle to make things right again.

In the meantime, we struggle to keep ourselves intact.  There will be good days when we find ourselves with small amounts of happiness through the actions and activities we involve ourselves in.  However, there will also be bad days when we are consumed with all that has been placed in our path.  These are the dark times, we want nothing more than to end.

These thoughts and feelings will pounce upon us at a moment’s notice and render us into a state of a thousand emotions, for which we have no control over.  They consume us to the point of despair.  Fear and many times, depression will take hold.  Most people will never understand what we go through during these times and we pray, it never happens to them.

Mental and emotional abuse is a terrible thing when inflicted upon you and it is damaging beyond compare.  Over the course of time, it will harm us to the point of no return.  There shall be no more happy thoughts or memories until this ends with our children back in our arms again.  Alienators know what they do and the collateral damage, their actions cause.  Because of this, they smile with great joy.

For our children’s sake, we must never give up the fight.  We must be strong and we must always do what is right in the effort to be reunited again.  Never allow the forces who seek to destroy you to enter your lives.  Resist with every fiber of your being and allow the smile to be on your face and not, that of the alienator.

About the Author

David R. Shubert spent the last 10 years doing battle with the family courts both, here in the United States of America and Australia 
as he continues his struggle to be a parent again to his children. After becoming disillusioned with the family court system, he took the position that something had to be done in order to bring about awareness to the epidemic of parental alienation. He does this through his writings which are read all over the world.

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