SHUBERT: My Voice Is Not Silent

Show No More Fear! We Shall Prevail!!!
By David R. Shubert
Author, Columnist

David R. Shubert

I just wanted to let everyone that even tough I am still not able to access my Facebook pages, I am being very proactive in setting up other social media platforms.  One of them is LinkedIn.  Since the creation of this account by Rob Lowe of Australia, I have managed gather over 2,100 people in my network.  These folks are some of you, others are media, judges, politicians and like minded individuals.

Also, the iWasErased Word Press site is growing.  We now have nearly 500 parents who have subscribed.  However, we need this to grow network to become strong again and include many more of our friends from the group site and invitations to others folks you know are in need.

Next, we have been moving forward in promoting our messages on Twitter.  I would like thank Lee in the UK for spearheading this project.  He has remained diligent in all his efforts.  Finally, there is James Bann from Ireland who is graciously overseeing our group page.

Without the hard work and efforts of all involved, we would have come to a standstill and the awareness that we promote regarding, the harmful effects of parental alienation would not be heard at the level it is.  Though I have not been able to advertise my book (Parental Alienation is ABUSE) on FB lately, I have confidence in each of you to spread the word that it is available on both, Amazon and Kindle.

In the meantime remain strong, hold hope and show No More Fear!  We shall prevail.

About the Author

David R. Shubert spent the last 10 years doing battle with the family courts both, here in the USA and Australia as he continues his struggle to be a parent again to his children. After becoming disillusioned with the family court system, he took the position that something had to be done in order to bring about awareness to the epidemic of parental alienation. He does this through his writings which are read all over the world.

Please visit Shubert at or the FB group page to read more articles and click on friend request or even better, click on Follow me for notifications of new articles!

David has released the book, Parental Alienation is ABUSE ISBN #9781544819365

Available in both, paperback and e-book versions. They can be found on and Kindle.