SHUBERT: Love Them More!

The Time Has Arrived For Justice!
By David R. Shubert
Author, Columnist

David R. Shubert

Whenever most people hear the term parental alienation they are dumbfounded because, they either do not know its meaning or have not had their lives touched by it. They simply do not understand the dynamics involved when a parent and their child are unceremoniously robbed of the life they should have had together.

Instead, they question whether the mental and emotion traumas that we and our children go through are made up or embellished. I can assure them, they are neither. What we live moment to moment and day to day is very real. We are consumed by the destructive actions of our former spouses and the knife which has been stuck in us with surgical precision, keeps on turning.
We try with all our might to right the wrong that was placed in our lives, but the forces are against us in most cases. We plead with our alienators to stop, but they refuse. When we seek the help of family courts, they tend to turn away from our plight and side with the person who is causing this injustice. Of course, there are the enablers who shun us and aid those who cause vindictive actions against us.
How can we and our children win against such insurmountable odds? Do we simply lay down and accept what is happening to us? Perhaps, we should just give up and walk away from the most defining aspects of our lives and that is the right to know and love our children. In doing so this would mean that we and our children lose our future together.
The only way to find ourselves again is to rise up and do battle against those who seek to strip us of our right to be a parent. We need this. Our children need this and our extended families need this. We cannot stop now because, that would mean defeat and the alienator would win in their crusade to erase us from our children’s lives.
So, I say to you the alienator, your enablers, the family courts and the system who has failed us – be afraid because we are awakening from our slumber and no longer fear you. All around the world, people are coming together in masses. They are sharing their stories with whoever will listen. They have pushed past the pain and humiliation that you inflicted upon us. We are growing stronger.
The day shall come when you are no longer in control of our lives and future. We are going to take back what you have stolen from us and that is our dignity, our lives and our children. No longer shall we allow you to control us. Our mental and emotional well-being will be restored to its near former self. We will fight you in the effort to be whole again.
You, the alienator thought you knew us, but you misjudged in how we would eventually react to what you were doing. We can only be pushed so far before we turn around and face you head on. Much like a wild animal, when you pursue it into a corner, there is only one outcome – they will bring the fight to you and this is what we intend to do.
The time has arrived for justice to prevail and we intend to lay it on your doorstep. Even the appointed legislators are slowly waking up to the stench that you are leaving and beginning to craft laws that will curtail your wrongful actions. Soon, the family courts will have little choice but, to be in compliance with what the law states.
The term “best interest” will be recognized for what it was intended for and that is to insure that our children are recognized for who and what they are. This means that they will have an opportunity to love and be loved by both parents. There shall be no more erasure of familial bonds on your part as justice triumphs.
We love and need our children and they need the same from us. Love them more than, you hate us by showing that you support the best interest in their lives.

About the Author

David R. Shubert spent the last 10 years doing battle with the family courts both, here in the United States of America and Australia 
as he continues his struggle to be a parent again to his children. After becoming disillusioned with the family court system, he took the position that something had to be done in order to bring about awareness to the epidemic of parental alienation. He does this through his writings which are read all over the world.

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