SHUBERT: Fight The Good Fight

Your Children Are Depending On You!
By David Shubert

David Shubert

For many of you who follow my reflections, you are going through one of the most difficult and darkest periods of your life.  What was once considered to be a normal existence with family, friends, career and the ability to be a parent is now replaced with pain and heartache.  Many times, this was not of your choosing, but it is nonetheless forced upon you.

We often walk around like zombies, consumed by negative thoughts and emotions that rule us day to day.  Barely able to function on a normal level that we once took for granted, this is our new normal.  Now is a time where we shut the rest of the world out as we battle the demons in our minds.  At night, there is nothing.  Only incessant sobbing, as we release all the emotions we carry inside.

Those who surround us will never understand what we are going through.  How can they?  After all, they have their own lives that are complete.  Some have chosen to not have children.  Still, there are some who have already raised their offspring without disruption and they have never been put through the emotional turmoil that we have experienced.  As such, they are devoid of what we encounter.

Can we keep up the battle that rages within?  Will it eventually destroy us or will it make us a stronger person?  These are questions that are a constant in our minds.  We can either sit back and sob into our pillows each and every night or we can rise above this terrible chapter in our lives.  The choice is ultimately yours to make

For myself, I choose to fight back and regain that which was stolen from me.  I will not allow anyone to rob me of the right to be a parent to my child.  It is for this reason I have made the conscious decision to stand up for what is right and that is to help create awareness regarding the dangers of parental alienation.  If not me, then who else will do this?  Perhaps you?

With all this having been said, I now say to you, if feeling the pain, anguish and suffering that you currently experiencing feels good then remain silent.  However, if you want to restore yourself back to who you once were then, get up off your knees and fight.  This won’t be easy nor, will it be quick.  It is a battle that will last a long time, but you have the power within to do this.

There can be no more silence.  Instead, it must be replaced with a loud and thunderous voice acting in unison by all alienated parents who want nothing more than to be a mom or dad again.  You can no longer sit back idly and allow the destructive forces to decimate what is inherently yours and that is the right to be a parent.

I understand how much emotional baggage you carry and the load is heavy.  There will always be days that are dark and when we feel we are at our wits end, but you have the most important job of your life in front of you.  It requires a great deal of strength and fortitude to accomplish your goal.  Just like a soldier going into battle, you must set aside your fear and forge ahead.

If you choose to remain silent or not do something to correct what is happening, you will most assuredly remain in a constant state of limbo where the sun never shines and your children will forever be alienated from you.  This is why I say, get off the sidelines and bring the battle to those who seek to destroy your ability to be a parent to your child.  Inaction on your behalf will cause your destruction.

Don’t allow this to happen.  Your children are depending on you to fight the good fight for them!

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