SHUBERT: Defeat from Within!

We Have Feelings, We Have Love Inside!
By David Shubert

David Shubert

We have gone through so much, for so long due, to the devastating effects of parental alienation and abduction. The pain and sorrow that we carry inside us as well as, the emotional scars that no one ever sees are many times more unbearable than most people will ever comprehend. It is only we, the alienated parents and our children who will bear the fullest brunt of these things.

The alienators, their enablers and the family court system seems to take no notice in the wrongful things they do to us. They turn a blind eye, close their ears and turn away as they choose to treat us either, as less than human or as a court docket number. We are not. We have feelings, we have emotions and have love inside us for the children who were born of us.

To ignore these things is to acknowledge that we are nothing more than machines and we are not. We live, we breathe and we exist on a level that is the same as all other living creatures on this planet. For myself, I do in fact cry at times when I think about all the stolen years that I have been robbed of in terms of being with my children.

I, often think about them and wish, hope and pray that one day I will be reunited with them. I will never give up this hope and will continue to fight the injustices that have been laid before me and I have faith that I will be able to wear a smile upon my face again when, this occurs. Too many tears have been shed and I want to dry them away, one day.

The forces of opposition are great and they are many. They seek to keep us alienated from the very product that defines us as a human being and as a parent. They are the former spouses or partners, their enablers, family court system and anyone else who supports their wrongful actions in the attempt to hurt us and our children.

They know what they do and will continue in their efforts to defeat our humanistic and basic rights to love and share the ability to be in our children’s lives and they, in ours. We must not allow them to continue in this damaging process lest, we lose the very defining aspect of who we are. We must create awareness of what is happening and raise our voices loud and clear to promote family equality.

Unfortunately, I fear that this may not happen as quickly as we want or need because, it is not only the opposition that we must fear. Instead, this may come from within our own ranks. I say this because, we are not uniting in a manner that helps to be strong enough to fight these forces who seek to hold us and our children down.

Further, there are some who have been hurt so badly that, they are unable to support one another and promote healing among us. They will choose the path of destruction that their way is the only way. This is not the case. It is only we, who can help one another because, it is we who know what we have gone through in this process of hurt and pain and suffering. We must stand together.

We must be supportive of one another, share our stories, voice our demands for positive change and help others to remain hopeful in the reunification with their alienated children. It is when we argue and fight among ourselves that we will lose the battle. Stay focused. Stay united and remain strong as we continue in our struggles.

Remember, our Defeat will come from Within but, only if we allow it!

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