Sex Offender Lawson Cited


Hurricane Police Found Him In Valley Park


No one wants to have sexalt offenders living in their communities. Government officials have resisted the calls to place them in residences at mental institutions where they can be supervised. Once criminal sentences are served, sex offenders are allowed to live anywhere-even if neighbors don't like it.

In 2002, Mark Hallburn, now the Publisher of, forced the West Virginia State Police to comply with a nearly-four-year-old law to put lifetime registered sex offenders on its web site. Addresses, of the offenders, were later added. As the result of his work, Hallburn was invited to testify in state hearings in seven Capitols from coast to coast.

Later, on, Hallburn repeatedly reported that Hurricane has the most lifetime registered sex offenders calling the town home-more than double any other Putnam County town or community. Two sex offenders had ties to Hurricane City Hall. Harold Wooten was a water department clerk. Scott Cunningham was a city council member. Wooten was fired. Cunningham resigned.

At first, the City of Hurricane altturned down Hallburn's suggestion that it pass a law banning sex offenders from the town's parks and schools. Finally, common sense prevailed and the law was passed in 2012. On his facebook page, Hurricane Mayor Scott D. Edwards failed to credit Hallburn for suggesting the ordinance, and, instead, commended the city council for passing the law that Edwards says he introduced."

"Edwards is so transparent. Their delay was blatantly obvious," altsays Hallburn. "They didn't want the world to know that I had a great suggestion to protect Hurricane's citizens-which included my family. So they waited."

This past weekend, Hurricane Police officers utilized the law and cited 86-year-old Carroll G. Lawson at Valley Park, September 26th, 2013. You can read Lawson's West Virginia profile by clicking here. He is a Hurricane resident, according to the WVSP. His registry web page says Lawson was convicted, August 1st, 2003, of Third Degree Sexual Abuse with a female family member age 0-5. For his crime Lawson served 90 days of home confinement. praises this effort to keep our communities safe from perverts and, again, asks that the State of West Virginia make it a law across The Mountain State.

Lawson's Hurricane Docket number is: 13-418.


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