PCSD Releases June, 2017 Stats

Sheriff Deweese Details Monthly Crime

What is happening, with crime, in Putnam County? You want to know. We want you to know. PutnamCountyNews.com is inviting Putnam County police chiefs and Sheriff Stephen L. “Steve” Deweese to provide us with his department’s figures each month.

The following numbers are released by Deweese for June of 2017:

The Putnam County Sheriff’s Department, during the month of June, 

  • Responded to 1,336 calls for assistance
  • Made 34 felony arrests
  • Made 83 misdemeanor arrests. 
  • The Road Patrol investigated 65 auto crashes, and issued 11 misdemeanor citations. 
  • Furthermore, the Road Patrol arrested 5 DUI’s and completed 180 written complaints.
  • Twenty-four warrants and 14 Domestic Violence Petitions were served. 
  • Home Confinement averaged 33 inmates with 237 home verifications.
  • Western Regional Jail averaged 98 inmates per day. 
  • The Process division served 317 civil papers. 
  • The Tax Office accepted 56 concealed carry permits and issued 83 permits.
  • There were 1,242 DMV decals issued.