OPINION: West Virginia DMV Kiosks

DMV Is Failing West Virginia Drivers

The West Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles recently announced that it is putting self-serve kiosks in its Kanawha City office.

Not in Teays Valley. Not in Huntington. Not in anywhere else except for Kanawha City.

This is down the hall from where the DMV executives work, meaning they made their lives more convenient while leaving the rest of us standing, seemingly forever, in those frustrating lines.

PutnamCountyNews.com says this is outrageous.

Self-serve kiosks are used everywhere from airports to Sheetz. The DMV’s failure to add them in all offices until 2016 is inexcusable. To add them in only one office is insane.

Standing in line takes time out of driver’s busy schedules, takes us away from work and takes us away from families.

The arrogance, and incompetence, of the DMV to fail to use modern technology, is inexcusable.

PutnamCountyNews.com is calling on the DMV to give West Virginia drivers a Christmas present by installing kiosks in every office by Christmas, 2016.