OPINION: Supreme Spending

Million$ Wa$ted To Renovate Offices

At a time when West Virginia was facing a $500 million budget deficit, our Supreme Court of Appeals Justices were spending huge money – nearly $4 million – to renovate their capitol offices – at the expense of, us, the Mountain State’s taxpayers.

As a result, a “not-so-civil-war” is underway with justices blaming, controversial, former, administrator Steven Canterbury and Canterbury firing back, saying he spent what he was told to spend.

Eyewitness News Reporter Kennie Bass has the details in his Waste Watch Investigation report.

And, in this follow-up report.

Chief Justice Allen H. Loughry, II, says he has asked the United States Attorney to investigate Canterbury, who says Loughry approved everything, including: 

  • Loughry’s nearly $32,000 couch
  • A $58,000 hallway carpet
  • A nearly $200,000 extra bathroom
  • Loughry’s $7.500 floor medallion

West Virginians were ripped off to the tune of nearly $3.7 million. The costly couch doesn’t even include a recliner, cup holder, massager and a HDTV to watch Mountaineer games!

Reaction from the legislature is harsh. From Tax and Spend RINOS Senate President Mitch Carmichael to House of Delegates Speaker Tim Armstead and other elected officials who are lining up to promote a constitutional amendment taking budgetary control away from the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals.

PutnamCountyNews.com calls the political posturing “Too-little, too late.” The opportunities have been around for decades to make the supreme court play by the same rules as everyone else.

What this scandal exposes is “Arrogance of Power” where the so-called “justices” play by their own rules and the phony, do-nothing, politicians let them. From Loughry yelling in public to their unconstitutional rulings, enabling of Parental Alienation, obnoxious arrogance of power, to protecting bad judges from discipline and public scrutiny, this court is a constant shameful, international joke.

If an embezzler stood before Loughry and the court and offered a similar finger-pointing that Loughry is using, we know Loughry and the other justices wouldn’t show any compassion or mercy.

No one should show Loughry and the justices any compassion or mercy for their shameful overspending.

There is an old saying, “Pride comes before the fall.” It is time for arrogant Loughry, and his court colleagues, to take a fall for all of us to watch.

Instead of running to reporters with sensational sound bites, the West Virginia legislature needs to clean house. Call a special session – before Thanksgiving – to impeach all five justices, impeach Armstead and Carmichael for dereliction of duties, pass the constitutional amendment taking control of the court budget and send a message – to the world – that wasting taxpayer dollars is never acceptable.

Since we can’t depend on the politicians to act in an ethical manner, every West Virginian needs to file Judicial Investigation Commission complaints against all five “injustices” for wa$teful $pending. They are:

  • Robin Jean Davis
  • Allen H. Loughry, II
  • Menis E. Ketchum, II
  • Beth Walker
  • Margaret Workman

Kick them to the curb.

As for reimbursing taxpayers for the supreme court’s wasteful spending, start holding public tours of the chambers and let people sit on the couch and dance on the medallion. When the public parties and tours raise $3.7 million, donate the furniture and decorations to a homeless shelter then make the injustices personally deliver the goods.

A complete housecleaning is the kind of renovation needed under the dome.