October 2017 Letters To The Publisher

Letters to the Publisher

“The People’s Voice” – October, 2017 Edition


If You Are Satisfied With The Status Quo,
You Will Usually Get It!!!


Where Are West Virginia’s Republicans?

The West Virginia Democratic Party is calling on Republican candidates, legislators, and elected officials to make it clear where they stand on Trump’s actions to sabotage healthcare coverage for thousands of West Virginians.

The latest Executive Order, out of Washington, will force West Virginians to pay more for health care.
  • President Trump’s decision Thursday to end subsidy payments to health insurance companies is expected to raise premiums for middle-class families and cost the federal government hundreds of billions of dollars.

  • The decision will most directly affect middle-class families who buy their own insurance without financial help from the government.

  • The result would be higher costs for people who need health care most.

Trump’s move on health care just proves that he has no intentions of bettering West Virginia or providing any help here for those in need or those struggling and seeking critical opioid addiction treatment. While Trump has made it clear what he thinks of West Virginians, now what do those rushing to his side think about this move?
Join us in calling on all Republican candidates, legislators, and elected officials to tell West Virginians who they side with; Trump who is making it his goal to take health care away from thousands of West Virginians or those West Virginians who need them in their corner the most.
U.S. Senator Shelley Moore Capito: 202-224-6472
Congressman David McKinley: 202-225-4172
Congressman Evan Jenkins: 202-225-3452
Congressman Alex Mooney: 202-225-2711
Governor Jim Justice: 304-558-2000 
Attorney General Patrick Morrisey: 304-558-2021
Senate President Mitch Carmichael: 304-357-7801
House Speaker Delegate Tim Armstead: 304-340-3210
West Virginia Democratic Party

Trump Digs West Virginia Coal

President Donald Trump continues to keep his promises to West Virginia by rolling back this Obama-era extreme environmental regulation. The so-called Clean Power Plan was a nightmare for the West Virginia coal industry and would increase home energy prices for American consumers.

For eight years, former President Barack Obama waged an all-out war on coal and West Virginia values. As unemployment skyrocketed and coal mines closed, President Obama and his left-wing supporters focused on executing on his promise to bankrupt the coal industry.

Thankfully, President Trump realizes that we can reduce burdensome regulations on energy production and protect our environment.

Alex X. Mooney
Congressman, (R-2nd)

Where Were You On Election Day?

Regardless of the merits of the recently approved West Virginia Constitutional Amendment, wherein voters approved the borrowing of $1.6 billion for our road system, there was a deep and disturbing dynamic that also was manifest in that election.

As previously predicted on September 20th (see www.facebook.com/LarryDKump), voter turnout (less than 11% of registered voters) was even worse than my pessimistic prediction.
Was this lack of voter interest and participation yet another indicator of an ongoing and growing lack of voter confidence in and even dismay with the elected leadership of both major political parties?
Were the upstart 2016 presidential campaigns of Donald J. Trump and Bernard Sanders early barometers of a swirling and spreading storm of citizen calumny about this leadership?
Are the majority of our citizens not only voting with their feet and walking away from our political leaders, but also now disdaining and disregarding our representative form of governance?
 Where were you on election day?
 I don’t know.
 I’m just askin’.
Larry D. Kump
Falling Waters

Road Bond Means More Taxes Called Fees

The road bond passed ,and it should have been voted down. It is something similar to the West Virginia Turnpike because it will never stop requiring fees. The use of the word fee is just another term for the word tax. The fees will never be reduced, only increased. Reminds me of turnpike tolls.

Sure the fees are in place but should be used to fix the existing road problems in every county of the state. West Virginia has the worst road conditions around the country. The state roads are full of rim bending potholes. The road bond will actually create more problems than it will fix.

The State will hire out of state workers as usual. This is because the other states don’t tax their contractors as high as West Virginia. This causes WV contractors to be out bid on road projects, no jobs for West Virginians. The road bond doesn’t affect most most WV counties. It will only affect all counties through fees  actually tax.

Tbe WV road bond is a loser for West Virginia. It brings fees, not jobs or better roads. In West Virginia nothing ever gets completed or supposedly paid for. I am surprised West Virginians haven.t figured that out yet. Watch the road bond become just like the WV turnpike project of many years ago.

Jesse Dick
Oak Hill 

The Road Bond Passage Is Bad News

Passing a road bond of $1.6 billion for a promised $3 billion of improvements doesn’t add up.

Yet, West Virginia voters were suckered into voting yes.

With low turnout, one has to imagine of the approving voters were road construction workers.

Whoever voted yes drank the Kook-Aid about no new taxes. The reality is that gas taxes and DMV fees were raised, during the 2017 legislative session to pay for the bond – in advance.

Who are the tax and spend liberals that promoted these tax increases? RINOs Tim Armstead, Mitch Carmichael and Jim Justice.

Remember in November!

Dawson Cruikshank