November 2017 Letters To The Publisher

 Letters to the Publisher

“The People’s Voice” – November, 2017 Edition

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Sexual Misconduct Should Not Be A Political Weapon

When RINO Republican Mitt Romney was accused of gay bashing, we were supposed to believe the accusations were unfounded.

When conservative Republican Roy Moore is accused of sexual misconduct based on an unproven 38- year-old story, he is supposed to surrender his Senate bid and be cast out of the Grand Old Party.

What hypocrites.

Sexual misconduct is a very real problem, that should not be ignored, but using it as a weapon against your political enemies smacks of McCarthyism and cannot be condoned.

Michael Guetzow
Woodland Hills, California


GOP “Tax Scam” Will Hurt Americans

The GOP has made it clear once again that their loyalty to corporations and big money outweigh any sort of loyalty they try to portray to West Virginia families. 

McKinley, Jenkins, and Mooney voted for a tax scam that puts a massive burden on middle-class families and while they were at it, they decided it would be a great time to slash healthcare and other vital programs too. Make no mistake this tax scam gives a tax cut to corporations, millionaires, and billionaires while increasing taxes on middle-class families. 

Democrats in West Virginia will always fight for West Virginians first, but now more than ever with Republicans attacking our families, our healthcare, and our jobs, we’re in for one heck of a fight.
West Virginians deserve a tax reform plan that helps them, not hurts them. They deserve equal opportunity to strive and move West Virginia forward– and they deserve for their Medicare and Medicaid, education, Social Security, and jobs to be protected not attacked like we’ve seen today in the GOP tax scam.”
West Virginians have a lot to lose under the GOP Tax Scam and here are a few critical facts: 

* Under the GOP Tax Scam West Virginians earning $30,000 to $75,000 a year will be forced to pay more in taxes even though people earning over $100,000 continue to get substantial tax cuts.

* The Senate GOP Tax Scam makes big cuts for corporations, millionaires and billionaires permanently while making the small cuts for moderate-income families only temporary.

* The House Republican tax scam could also gut $25 billion from Medicare next year while over 400,000 West Virginia seniors rely on Medicare for critical and lifesaving treatments

* The GOP Tax Scam repeals a tax credit for teachers who buy their own teaching supplies, hurting teachers and students in West Virginia.
* It hurtsWest Virginia workers by rewarding corporations that move jobs overseas, taking away the opportunity for job growth in America and West Virginia.
* Older West Virginians will struggle to save for retirement and the GOP tax scam does nothing at all to reduce or eliminate the tax on Social Security benefits that burden more than half of all retiree households
* The GOP tax scam makes it extremely hard for West Virginians to afford their medical expenses. The House bill takes away the ability of West Virginians to deduct their medical expenses.
Belinda Biafore
West Virginia Democratic Party

GOP Tax Reform Will Help Americans

I proudly voted for lower taxes for all hard-working West Virginia taxpayers. I share President Donald Trump’s commitment to creating more good paying jobs in our state and country.

The current tax code is too confusing and in our tax reform plan most Americans will file their taxes on a postcard. This bill will grow our economy, encourage job creation and raise take-home pay.

While Democrats have failed to offer any tax relief plans, the Republican majority in Congress ran on a plan to reform the tax code—and today we delivered a big win for the American people.

I support President Trump in bringing much needed tax relief for West Virginia families and small businesses.

Congressman Alex X. Mooney (R-2nd)

The Judicial System Has Many Problems

The judges in positions today use  liberalism on many judgements they make  today. This goes from Federal judges down to city judges. This is not how the judicial system was intended to work. In some cases you have judges who render decisions and turn around and do the same thing themselves.

Family law judges think they can control morality. Criminal judges think they can reform criminals. Unfortunately some judges are as crooked as the persons they judge. The judicial system has many problems within. You can’t order morality on people.

The Federal judges try to bend the constitution to fit their agendas. Today Federal judges have more authority than the President and Congress. It’s to the point judge in some cases have a “Godlike” authority. It’s time for America to go back to the constitution and realize their is more than one branch of government. 

Every incident in America causes people to run to court. A lot of problems in America can’t be judged or legislated. People in America need personal responsibility, the government can’t fix everything.

Jesse Dick
Oak Hill

Are Public Officials “Double-Dipping?”

I have been told that three of the cast of the Netflix documentary Herion E have signed a deal for royalties.

I have in my past been in documentaries and worked in TV during the 90’s. So I do not speak without knowledge here. I was paid for the day while working on the Show In the Heat of the Night. 

I was not paid for my appearances on local TV or CNN. I always signed a waiver to appear.

Never was I offered royalties.

If our fire chief and our family court judge are to be or have been paid for their roles is that ethical?

Clearly we the citizens of Huntington and Cabell County were paying them while being filmed.

Clearly there were other city and county employees on the show as well.

There was also homeless and the addicted used to film this also. 

What if any were they paid? 

Did they agree to do for free what our officials (Patricia Keller and Jan Rader) are reported to be paid for?

If this is all true is there a conflict with their employment contracts ?

If they are paid are they donating their proceeds to the afflicted by the disease of addiction or the homeless?

This is not a complaint just a request for some transparency.

Steven J Davis
Concerned Citizens of Huntington

Publisher’s note: Marshall University also needlessly wasted $650 in payment to Marquee Cinemas for a showing of “Heroine(e).”


Thank A Veteran Today

West Virginia has more Veterans per capita than almost any other state in America. We are undoubtedly patriotic. We are grateful and hardworking people indebted to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for a free West Virginia and America.

Today on Veterans Day, as we do every day, we honor and we thank our Veterans who served selflessly and bravely. We fight daily for our Veterans against Republican policies that put them at risk. We owe them much more than we could ever repay– but we will always do the right thing by our Veterans and their families.
When our service members defend us and they come home it’s our turn. It’s our job to fight for and protect our Veterans after they’ve given themselves to protect us. 
Our Veterans fought for equal opportunity for all Americans and all West Virginians– Now, more than ever, we need to defend what they’ve fought for. We will continue pushing forward to protect our Veterans and be sure that they have the opportunities that they deserve. They’ve done more than enough for us and today and every day moving forward we will do what it takes to stand up for them. 
Join me today in thanking and honoring our Veterans. 
Belinda Biafore
West Virginia Democratic Party

“Footloose” Should Only Be A Movie

A previous editorial in our local “The Journal” daily newspaper, which lamented “loose spending” by West Virginia legislators and inaccurate guesstimates regarding the unintended consequences of new laws, was and is right on target. 

This is a major problem, and I pledge to continue to press forward to demand independent cost analyses of all legislative proposals. 

It’s only right, and Mountaineers deserve better. 

After all, “Footloose” should only be a movie, and not a means to defraud West Virginia citizens.

Larry D. Kump
Former West Virginia State Legislator (2010-2014)
Falling Waters, West Virginia

Working With Trump To Lower Taxes

West Virginia taxpayers deserve a tax cut so that they can keep more of their hard-earned money. The plan released today will lower rates on taxpayers, including small businesses which are the back bone of West Virginia’s economy.

As I have traveled all 17 counties of my district, I have heard from small business owners who are struggling to keep the doors open. They are desperate for tax relief so that they can continue to employ West Virginians.

The introduction of the bill is only the beginning of the process. I will continue to work with President Donald Trump to promote lower taxes for all Americans and small businesses so the economy can continue to grow.

Congressman Alex X. Mooney (R-2nd)
Washington, D.C.

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