Nitro Starts Centennial Celebration

Dedication Of Living Memorial Park

“Saturday’s Living Memorial Park dedication will forever hold a special place in my heart,” says Mayor David Casebolt. “I cannot thank enough the many people that helped organize and participated to make this event one that will be remembered by many for years to come. I am honored to serve a community that dedicates itself to its history and supports veterans like the good citizens of the City of Nitro. We can be proud of the remarks made by General Tackett during the dedication. ‘The City of Nitro is the most patriotic City, in the most patriotic State, in the United States of America!’ May God continue to bless the great City of Nitro!! Now it is on to the big “Run for the Wall” event on May 24th.”

The City of Nitro derives its name from nitrocellulose, the main ingredient in gunpowder. The Nitro area was to be the American ammunition production facility during World War I. Daniel C. Jackling is credited with supervising the construction and operation of the plant, which by the time of the armistice “was producing one hundred thousand pounds of high explosives per day.”

Living Memorial Park patrons are greeted by a new “Doughboy” statue at the corner of the park.

Nitro’s name was selected by the United States government because of the establishment there, during World War I, of a large federal plant for the manufacture of explosives. The city is known as “a Living Memorial to World War I.”

Other activities, in addition to dedicating the park, was the appearances of war hero David Riley and Nitro Wall of Fame and baseball Hall of Fame member, Nitro native, Larry Barnett.

One highlight, of the day, was the horse parade, which drew hundreds of spectators and dozens of equine.

The history museum, was open, allowing visitors to see the many wonderful displays.

Additionally, the museum hosted a food drive to benefit the needy.

Local vendors and community organizations set up booths as part of the festivities.

Sidewalk pavers, include the names of Veterans, (inside) and donors (outside) the park.

Casebolt has branded his city in an effort to attract history tourists for a boost to Nitro’s economy and job growth.