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Nitro Pool Encourages Recycling

Receptacles Added For Bottles And Cans

Soft drinks and swimming pools. It’s a match made in heaven. To environmentalists, it’s a match made, in, well…

Every year, millions of bottles and cans are tossed in the trash near swimming pools, lakes and oceans.

It doesn’t have to be that way, and in Nitro, it no longer is that way.

Mayor David Casebolt is turning his once-laughed-at town around, with new logos, an improved gazebo at Ridenour Lake, a new Memorial Park, and, now, recycling at the town’s pool.

“It’s a good practice,” says Casebolt. “We’ve also started programs at the high school. The citizens requested it, and we started it several years ago.”

Now, it is more apparent. Starting in the summer of 2017, swimmers can put their bottles and cans in receptacles that look like Coca-Cola bottles. Instead of ending up in landfills, those bottles and cans will be recycled into all kinds of products – including bottles and cans.

Recycling does more than cut down on waste. Recycling creates local jobs that benefit the local economy. Recycling plastic also reduces our dependency on foreign oil.

RecyclingFacts.org lists the following: