Nitro Passes Anti-Crime Ordinance

Landlords Required To Evict Convicts

David Casebolt

The City of Nitro is tired of problem tenants.

Effective immediately, landlords must take eviction action against tenants convicted of multiple drug or prostitution crimes. Failure to do so will result in fines of $500 – per day.

“We have to do something,” says Mayor David Casebolt. “If they’re just allowed to continue to do it, they’re gonna continue to do it.”

Casebolt is tired of police officers having to arrest the same person, multiple times, for the same criminal charge, draining financial resources. He also wants to protect the quality of life for law-abiding citizens.

The new law, which takes effect, immediately, targets drug, gambling or prostitution convictions.


In other business:

The Nitro Police Department is finally moving into its new law enforcement center in the former People Works building. The renovated structure will include a training center, the municipal court and city council chambers.