New Bison Stadium Remains Unfinished

Fundraising Efforts Are Continuing

The game plan was for the Buffalo Bison football team to be playing in their new stadium by last fall.

Unfortunately, those plans are on hold.

Instead, the Bison had to call an audible and are continuing to host opponents in their aging stadium.

While significant progress exists, with the new stadium, it is far from ready for Friday night games.

Generous Putnam County businesses, including Gino’s Pizza and Raynes Funeral Home, have made significant donations. So have the towns of Buffalo and Eleanor. However, more funds are needed.

You can order “Bison Bricks” to help with the fundraising. Or you can make a donation. Or both. Each brick costs $100 for 4” x 8” brick and $200 for an 8” x 8” brick.

The 4” x 8” brick has space for three lines, 18 characters per line, while the 8” x 8” brick has space for six lines, 18 characters per line. 

Legendary Coach Darrell Moore quarterbacking the fundraising and can be reached at 304-549-1223.

You can also telephone his fundraising teammate, Lisa Tolley Booth, at 304-546-4695.

The new stadium is about halfway finished. As we all know, football games are four-quarters long. The Bison are counting on strong community support to drive this project past the goal line and into the end zone.

Go Bison!!!

Publisher’s note:   Game photographs courtesy of Conner Photography.