Naturally Nitless Opens In Teays

First Of Its Kind In West Virginia

Lice: Getting that telephone call, saying that there is a lice epidemic, in the community, sends fear into the heart of parents.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Misty Freeland is making lice removal an easy process. She’s opened Naturally Nitless, of West Virginia, to help families get rid of this “issue” in a professional manner. Finally, help is here! Safe, non-toxic lice treatment in a “salon-setting.” You don’t have to fret any longer. Just telephone Freeland for a discreet appointment with peace of mind.

“West Virginia didn’t have a lice–removal service,” recalls Freeland. “Most states have this service. West Virginia did not. Many families have to deal with lice, so my service meets a need. This is all-natural. You don’t have to buy the toxic chemicals. Naturally Nitless is a safe process that protects people from over-use of dangerous chemicals.”

Instead of chemicals, Naturally Nitless “Uses pesticide-free products that contain digestive enzymes that break down the nits and kill the lice,” explains Freeland. “I use the Shepherd Method of Strand by Strand Nit and Lice Removal, a methodical process that removes each remaining nit and bug by hand. My treatment process usually takes 2-3 hours.”

Freeland has a certification from Shepherd Institute for Lice Solutions, which is a recognized expert in the field.

A major problem, Freeland says, is “Super Lice” which is increasingly present and is confirmed in 48 states. Alaska and West Virginia have yet to be officially tested. Freeland is working on this and is sending lice samples to Shepherd for analysis.

“Super Lice is not a different species,” Freeland states. “They are the same lice that have developed an immunity to the over-the-counter pesticides that many use.”

To remove “Super Lice” Freeland’s natural process includes special combs and meticulous nit-picking to conduct a thorough mitigation, she explains.

One issue that troubles Freeland is when schools are not informing parents about a lice outbreak which causes it to increase. This is a major problem, because when Lice is not mitigated, they multiply and an infestation breaks out.

“You can have entire families infested,” stresses Freeland. “This causes frustration as well as loss of income when parents have to take time away from work to treat themselves and the entire family. Children miss more school, as a result. Then more students have to miss school. Delaying treatment makes no sense. People think lice is a dirty thing. Ironically, lice is more attracted to clean hair.”

In addition to her lice removal service, Freeland takes the time to educate her clients.

Naturally Nitless is located in Teays Valley, behind Bogey’s at 3752 Sleepy Hollow Drive. To schedule an appointment, please telephone 304-982-0615. The website is Freeland also has a Facebook page. You can also email

“There is nothing wrong with getting lice,” Freeland states. “There is something wrong with keeping it.”