Maynard: District 22 Wrapup

Minors Abortion, Doctor And Courts
By WV Delegate Zack Maynard, (R-22nd)

Zack Maynard

The 83rd Legislature’s first session brought forth 262 completed pieces of legislation. The House offered 132 of the completed bills, whereas the Senate offered 130 of the bills. I wanted to review a few pieces that made it through this session.

HB 2002 would modify the law requiring parental notification for abortions performed on minors, who are not emancipated. The bill modifies the judicial process to not permit parental notification so that a physician can petition the courts on behalf of the minor.

HB 2479 would establish procedures to determine matters of child custody and visitation when parents are deployed in military or other national service. It would require notices from deployed parent. It would prohibit past or future deployments in determining the best interest of the child. It would authorize orders of payment of child support during deployment.

SB 173 would create an autocycle exemption from motorcycle examination, licensing, and endorsements. It would allow an individual to operate with just a valid driver’s license. It would also create an autocycle exemption from helmet and certain other motorcycle or moto-driven cycle safety equipment.

HB 2520 would prohibit minors (anyone under the age of 18) from using tanning beds and other tanning devices. 

HB 2579 would increase the penalties for transportation of narcotics and certain controlled substances into the state.

HB 3080 would recognize “Celebrate Freedom Week” is all West Virginia Schools during the week September 11 falls. It would provide for at least three hours of appropriate instruction in each social studies class. In-depth studies of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution with a focus on the Bill of Rights and other founding documents should be taught this week, under this bill. 

SB 687 would state that funds be paid from the special reclamation water trust fund to assure a reliable source of capital and operating expenses for the treatment of discharges from forfeited sites. The requirements for pre-blast surveys for surface mining operations and other blasting activities would be modified under this bill. The Board of Coal Mine Health and Safety would be take on the duties of the Board of Miner Training, Education and Certification, the Mine Inspectors’ Examining Board, and the Mine Safety Technology Task Force.

These bills are waiting for the governor to sign them or have been signed already. You can see more completed legislation at