Maynard: District 22 Update

Supports PROMISE Scholarship Expansion
By WV Delegate Zack Maynard, (R-22nd)

Zack Maynard

First, I’d like to start off by thanking you all for electing me to represent District 22 in the 83rd Legislature. I am truly honored and I hope I serve you well. For the first session, I am on the following committees: Energy, Government Organizations, Roads and Transportation, and Senior Citizens’ Issues. We are now half-way through the Legislative session.

Recently, HB 2579 passed to increase the penalties on drug traffickers bringing narcotic and non-narcotic drugs into West Virginia. The goal of this legislation is to make criminals pay for their crime. This session we are working on sending a message to those bringing these horrid drugs into our state. The message is: if you are going to come here and hurt our people, you are going to do time for it.

Other bill being considered in the House is HB 2781. This bill will require voters to provide photo identification when voting. The bill identifies the identification that may be used in the voting process. The bill also gets rid of the automatic voter registration on the occasion of application for a driver’s license. I hope this bill will create more accountability in the voting process.

I am sponsoring HB 2756, which will make the Promise scholarship available to students wishing to pursue a vocational certificate or degree in a community and technical college education program.

I hope to hear from my constituents. Please contact me, Room204E, Building 1 State Capitol Complex, Charleston, WV 25305, or call 304-340-3152.