May 2017 Letters To The Publisher

Letters to the Publisher

“The People’s Voice” – May, 2017 Edition
If You Are Satisfied With The Status
Quo, You Will Usually Get It!!!

No More Tax Breaks For The Rich

Governor Jim Justice has Senate and House Republicans and Democrats separated into four different conference rooms. He is going to each group, asking what they can and can’t live with in the state budget.

Tell your lawmaker: *** we can’t live with MORE TAX BREAKS FOR THE RICH ***. We want a simple plan that protects the state, shares the load, and doesn’t kick the can.

You can take action now here:

Finally, we are asking all of our supporters to get creative. They need to hear from us in new ways to get this message. You have created giant “checks” to WV millionaires, coffee cans that read “Don’t Kick the Can”, and other great visuals.  
The stakes couldn’t be higher. Thanks for all you do for our families.
Here are the phone numbers for the 5 members of leadership. If you haven’t yet, call each one…
Stephen Kasey

Blankenship Needs To Take Responsibility

Don Blankenship doesn’t have to answer to me and he doesn’t have to answer to federal authorities anymore, but he does have to answer to the loved ones of the miners  who died in his mine for the rest of his life. His refusal to accept responsibility for his criminal actions even now only exacerbates these grieving families’ pain. The families of the fallen 29 brave miners deserve better, so I hope Mr. Blankenship chooses to do the right thing and disappear from the public eye.

In the meantime, I will continue to work every day to ensure a tragedy like Upper Big Branch never happens again. I introduced legislation that would increase penalties on coal mining executives who fail to provide a safe work environment and put the health and lives of our miners at risk. Our miners helped build this nation. They should leave their homes, every morning, knowing they will return to their families every night. I encourage congress to take up and pass this common sense legislation as soon as possible.

Senator Joseph “Joe” Manchin, (D)


Governor Justice Fails Again

For a year, Jim Justice lied to voters about not raising their taxes. Then, he vetoed a conservative balanced budget last month. Now, Justice twice has called a Special Session to pass a new budget. But neither time did he even bother to present a budget. 
At $35,000 a day, he’s now wasted well into the six-figures while refusing to do his job. Is his office incompetent? Is Justice just lazy? Or, is this just the real Jim Justice? The one who doesn’t pay taxes, doesn’t pay bills on time, and one that again just won’t keep his word. West Virginia deserves real leadership and a balanced budget. 
We advocate our conservative leaders get the job the done where this Governor won’t. And we ask this low-energy liberal to stop wasting our state’s time and precious resources.
Conrad Lucas
West Virginia Republican Party

Rich Will Benefit From Trump Tax Plan

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said President Donald J. Trump’s administration hopes that its new tax plan brings down taxes for the middle class, but it isn’t a sure thing. Once again, Trump has proposed a reverse Robin Hood plan: Give to the rich and take from the middle class and working poor.

Jean Strauber
Encino, California


Notify A Priest For Democratic Party

The Democratic party is dead.The party is very far out of touch with the average American. The Democratic party now represents the rich, not working class people. Just at the Democratic states and cities. Americans are waking up and realizing this fact.

Look at the 2016 election and all the money spent. The Democratic party has no agenda. Resistance and complaining about the Republicans will not win elections.The east and west coast will not win elections. The working class people are the majority of the voters.

Bringing out Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama only supports more Republican wins. We now basically have Republicans and Independents. The media can not change this fact by being biased. The Republican future is looking bright because of the liberal attitudes.
Jesse Dick
Oak Hill

Osborne’s FOIA Overcharge Attempt Is Disgusting

Charging $1 to duplicate a piece of paper that, at most, costs $.02 is a 4,900 percent markup.  If I recall correctly, Mylan Pharmaceuticals’ markup on the EpiPen was only 600 percent.  Kimberly Osborne makes Heather Manchin Bresch look like Hettie Green by comparison.

J. Lawrence Smith


Stop Shaming The Children

Everyday, 13.1 Million kids go hungry, in America. For many the only decent meal they get is at school.

Farmers need to grow food not fuel, schools need to feed the kids and not shame them when they can’t pay for it and we should settle lunch debts with parents and not the kids.

James McCormick
New Haven

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