Martin To Run For State Senate Seat

Says “We Can Do Much Better” In WV

Longtime Putnam County Politician W. “Mike” Hall will have some competition, for his seat, in 2018.

Jeff Martin

“I would like to announce that I will be running for the West Virginia Senate in District 4 (Putnam, Mason, Jackson, and Roane) in 2018,” says Jeff Martin, of Winfield.

“I have given this plenty of thought. I believe the state senate would give me the opportunity to pass legislation that could positively impact our state,” Martin says.

A Democrat, Martin served in the military.

Recently, he graduated from law school at West Virginia University.

“In the coming weeks, I will be putting together pages, a website, logos, and policy platform,” Martin states in a news release.

“As we’ve seen over the last several years, it is time for new thinking and leadership in the legislature,” says Martin. “We have some amazing legislators doing great work, but they need some help. I want to join them in improving our state on all fronts.”

Unsatisfied with the “status quo,” Martin wants the best for West Virginia.

“We can do so much better. We are owed much better,” he says. “I know what we can achieve together, so I am excited about this endeavor. Let’s get to work on making West Virginia shine as brightly as the people that live here.”

“Public Service First.”