MARIPOSA: Letting Go Of Guilt

You Must Grow Mentally Strong!
By Tammy Mariposa

Once parental alienation has taken a hold of our children the blame and guilt we feel for losing them is the worst part.

Even when we study the pathology of the Nex and learn it is nothing we have done and there was nothing we could have done or now do to have a better outcome, in our hearts we believe we are a bad Mum or Dad and we believe we failed.

Well I’m here to tell you to put down that huge stick you have been beating yourself with!

I’m here to remind you that in actual fact it’s because you are such an awesome parent and it’s because you love your children so much that’s why the pathological parent took them.

They cannot hurt or degrade or physically punish you anymore so this is the only way they have left to hurt us and punish us for leaving them and exposing who they really are.We caused a huge narcissistic injury to their fragile ego. Now we must be punished and smeared and have the only thing that matters to us taken away from us.

They observed how we loved our children they watched in envy as the bond developed and now they are a seething mass of revenge.

When my son returned two and a half years later he told me it wasn’t anything I did he simply said ‘Dad told it in a different way and when I was there he made you sound like you were causing trouble!’ He said ‘He understands why his sister still thinks the way she does.’

He now reluctantly understands the slow poisoning of his mind.

Anyone in my situation with alienated children you must hang on with your fingertips if you have to.

You must grow mentally strong and fight this pathology with all of your heart and soul!

My son was verbally vile during alienation and told me ‘If I told you I loved you the words would stick in my throat!’

If I tried to contact him he would swear and sign his name lots of hate.

Things change and they change fast and that hate that the Narc created in them boomerangs right back at the creator!

My son wrote in my Christmas card this year ‘You’re the best Mum and hope you have a lovely day and I can’t wait to spend it with you’,with lots of love and kisses.

Your children will one day follow your drips of love home to you, their loving parent.

Keep reaching out despite repeated rejection and keep showing them the door is always open to unconditional love.