March 2017 Letters To The Publisher

Letters to the Publisher

“The People’s Voice” – March, 2017 Edition
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CBO’s Record Isn’t Perfect

Lest anyone’s hands fall off from wringing them over the Congressional Budget Office’s predicting the results of the House’s American Health Care Act, just take a deep breath and examine the reliability of its previous estimates in the health arena.

For example, in 2003 the CBO overestimated the budgetary cost of Medicare’s prescription drug coverage by a whopping 40 percent, simply because they failed to understand the impact of competition among insurers. And more recently, it predicted that Obamacare enrollment would be millions higher in 2016 than actually occurred.

As for the prospect of individuals losing Medicaid coverage, what frame of mind would justify taxpayers’ having to pay the medical costs of a healthy, working-age adult without children?

Jack Watson
Mooresville, North Carolina

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Medical Marijuana Should Be Legal

If the committees and the Senate and House joined in Medical Marijuana would have been passed.
The bill would have let Mountain State residents with medical conditions such as multiple sclerosis, and cancer and PTSD to use it with a doctor’s decision.
West Virginia always seems to be behind other states. Although it is legal in some states the federal government still considers it illegal.
If passed, the state would have been in control of who can and can’t use it.
Marijuana has been proven to control many different illnesses. It could possibly have been used to curb the prescription drug abuse in this state. We are the most popular state for prescription drug abuse in the country. West Virginia needs to do something to get off the prescription pill list and this was a failed opportunity to do that.

West Virginia needs to step up. I do not advocate it as recreational use or violent felons being eligible to use it. It has been proven by the Veterans Administration to allow the decrease in pills prescribed. Hopefully the legislature will wise up in the next session.


Jesse Dick
Oak Hill


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