Higher Minimum Wage Hurts Workers
By Sergeant Andrew W. Maholick
USAF, Retired

Andrew W. Maholick

Dinesh D’Souza’s new book is “The Big Lie.” This column comments on aspects from it.

The Democrat party was the party of slavery and is now the party of enslavement. The “big lie” here is that they have always been the champions of civil rights. As D’Souza states ‘The Democrats have
admittedly replaced the old rural plantation with new urban plantations called ghettos for the blacks,
barrios for Latinos, and reservations for American indians. They have turned millions of minorities into
disposable people, whose lives don’t matter to them and whose primary utility is their fruitful dependency on the Democrats. As long as the Democrats get their votes, they are happy with them and done with them.”

Since the Democrats lost the election the liberal media has begun a campaign of Trump hate speech – Trump is a racist, Trump is a fascist. Now they are telling you that Trump is insane. Each day in the Washington Post there is a hate Trump column. Facism is the doctrine of the socialist state, a powerful centralized state which wants to run the economy and your life. Nazism is fascism plus racism plus anti-semitism. For the left, the race card is now contained within the fascist card. And of course, Trump is the ultimate fascist.

The new “big lie” of the left is that the Nazis were a right wing organization, despite the fact that they were the Nationalist Socialist Party. Germany’s war with communist Russia was a power struggle between two left wing organizations. If you read the twenty-five point National Socialist platform, it reads like the Democrat 2016 platform as written by Bernie Sanders. It would provoke thunderous applause if read at a Democratic national convention. The three great collectivist movements of the 20th
century were communism, fascism, and progessivism. All three are on the same side of the spectrum. Like the Borgs on Star Trek, all three want to reduce the individual to a cell in “the Collective.”

The left wants to legitimize extremist barbaric action that otherwise would not be condoned. Thus, they have taken a page out the Nazi playbook and created Antifa, a group of thugs that looks and acts like the Hitler brownshirts. They carry weapons, are costumed, and wear masks, They claim to be anti-fascists, but they will terrorize anyone who doesn’t share their jaundiced view of the world. The left has a history of complicity with fascism. In the 1930s FDR sent his brain trust to Rome to learn about Fascism. Why? Because he found it a more advanced form of Progressism than the New Deal and wanted to bring these ideas here. Mussolini was a great fan of FDRs because he was a kindred spirit.

In 1935, Nazi Germany passed the Nuremburg laws which were anti-Jewish statutes. These were modeled after the Jim Crow laws, which Southern Democrats used to quash civil rights. All the Nazis had to do was cross out the word black and replace it with Jew.

Hitler’s expansion plans were modeled after the Democrat, Andrew Jackson’s plan to exterminate the American indian and take their land. Hitler learned that he didn’t need new territories to conquer. He would simply exterminate Poles, Slavs, and Russians and take their land and repopulate it with Germans. Hitler’s concentration camps were modeled after ante-bellum plantations. Initially created as slave labor camps, some were later turned into extermination camps. FDR had his own concentration
camps. The property of 120,000 Japanese-Americans was confiscated and they were imprisoned for the duration of the war. Note that FDR sold Eastern Europe down the river to Stalin at the Yalta Conference in 1945.. These countries were enslaved by the USSR until the USSR’s financial collapse in 1989.

How do big lies get disseminated?. Because the left controls academia, media, and Hollywood. The lies usually begin in academia because the progressives write the history books and teach the propaganda. This is picked up by media and winds up in Hollywood. One example of a common theme is the business man as the villain and someone from big government as the hero.. An anti-business theme is echoed in every movie of this type. Another is the political movie where the hero is a Democrat and the Republican is the villain.