MAHOLICK: Left vs. Right

Left Has Become Morally Self-Anointed
By Sergeant Andrew W. Maholick
USAF, Retired

Andrew W. Maholick

Since the election of Donald Trump, America has become a politically polarized nation.. We explore below the differences between left and right as to why this is so.

Those on the right try to make a case based on a logical argument with facts. With the left it’s always an emotional appeal. The left sees fairness as caring about people. They usually do not care to look at the factual information on any issue, because with them it’s all about feeling. Hence the safe spaces, trigger warnings, and micro-aggressions on campus. The left has become the morally self-anointed. They believe that the right is evil and mean spirited because they won’t give them “free stuff”.

Hence the commercial about throwing grandma over the cliff in her wheel chair, They have their identity
politics and would have you believe that these groups are being held down by white privelege. The right
believes in individual responsibility and that success in life is determined by the choices that you make in life.

Most debates result in the person on the left implying that I’m a better person than you are. Thus we have speeches by Obama stating ”they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion and have antipathy toward people who aren’t like them …” And we have Hillary stating that “half of Trump supporters are a basket of deplorables.” The winner this week is Hayley Geftman-Gold, a CBS lawyer, who stated that he has no sympathy for the people murdered in Las Vegas because most people who like country music are Republicans. Care and compassion are big on the left, but not for anyone who disagrees with them. They
cite the first ammendment when disrespecting the national anthem, but will silence anyone who disagrees with them, often using violence such as at the “People’s Republic of Berkeley.”

If you are on the left, empathy is the proper foundation for moral and political programs. Radical Islamic terrorists want to nail America’s ass to the wall. But, Obama couldn’t even say the words in 8 years. His primary concern was Islamophobia. He didn’t want to hurt any muslim’s feelings.

The left views capitalism as exploitation. The right views capitalism as liberation. The right values liberty more than it does moral values. The left sees the wealthy as the oppressors. The right sees government as the oppressor. As with communism and fascism, the progressive left seeks equal outcomes for all and thus they rant about social injustice. [Read Thomas Sowell’s book “The Quest For Cosmic Justice” for a comprehensive discussion on this matter]

The primary philosophy of the left is punish the productive and reward the incompetent. They are in favor of income re-distribution Their goal is typified by Occupy Wall Street who would have the 99% take everything the 1% have despite the fact that the 1% pays nearly half of federal income taxes and the lower half of the population pays nothing. The right sees fairness as proportionality – no free riders, slackers, or cheaters. The individual is responsible for the outcome in his life, not society.

The left is economically challenged. and cares little about where the money comes from to pay for their “free stuff.” Debt doesn’t matter. The cost of Bernie Sanders single payer system is estimated at $3 trillion a year. The left wants this despite the US debt clock currently showing $107 trillion in unfunded liabilities. Any left wing economic op-ed begins by stating that the rich do not pay their fair share of taxes and that the right’s philosophy is trickle down economics, even though no economist has ever advocated this policy. The left advocates Keynesian economics even though it extended the depression and after the 2008 recession it added $10 trillion to the national debt with little to show for it except an expanded welfare state. GDP never rose above 1.8 in any year.since 2008.

The left seeks to bring about a socialist system that has failed everywhere. Venezuela is the current example. The right believes in free market capitalism. It believes that socialism is a philosophy of stealing and taking. It is a system where people vote to have government put a gun to your head to take your money for their own personal benefit. Socialism is the most selfish philosophy in human history. The economist, Milton Freidman said “A society that aims for equality before liberty will wind up with neither equality or liberty.”