MAHOLICK: 10 Books For The Real World

Liberals Co-Opt Social Studies, Humanities
By Sergeant Andrew W. Maholick
USAF, Retired

Andrew W. Maholick

At the universities, liberals have co-opted the social studies and humanities departments.
Concervative professors are about 7 %. Most universities assign book for incoming freshmen to read.

These are by and large concern “identity politics” and have the common theme: ”I Am A Victim.”
Below are some books that might prepare them for the real world:

  • The Real Crash – Peter D. Schiff (2009) – Peter Schiff was 2 years ahead of calling the housing
    crash in 2008 which was caused by progressives interfering with the Community Reinvestment Act.
    They pushed banks into giving loans to people who could not pay them back.. Schiff was ridiculed on CNBC by “experts” who believed that “trees grow to the sky.” This book is concerned with the coming bankruptcy of America. With $20 trillion in debt and $107 trillion in unfunded liabilities, the only question is when. There will be a lot of people playing the R.E.M. tune “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It.” 
  • Rediscovering America (The Tyranny Of Progressivism) – Mark Levin (2017) -the dust jacket states that this book “shows how progressivism seeks to refute the American heritage of individual liberty
    and completely overhaul modern life, growing into a government with no limits and leading us into a new
    age of authoritarianism.” 
  • Hillary’s America – Dinesh D’Souza (2016) – The secret history of the Democratic Party- how it
    transformed itself from the party of slavery into the party of enslavement. 
  • Atlas Shrugged – Ayn Rand (1957) – This book advocates reason, individualism, and capitalism,
    and depicts what Rand saw to be the failures of government coercion, i.e,, progressives with their
    strangling regulations. When Obama left office the Federal Register, the daily depository of all things
    regulatory topped off at 97,100 pages, an all time record. The most engaged citizens cannot possibly
    know what they say or mean, but are compelled to comply with. 
  • Old School: Life In The Sane Lane – Bill O’Reilly and Bruce Feirstien (2017) – How to tell the
    difference between people who are old school and “snowflakes.” 
  • Killing The Rising Sun: How America vanquished World War II Japan – Bill O’Reilly (2016) 
  • The Great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald (1925) – This is the great American novel. The critics see
    this as a “cautionary tale of the decadent downside of the American dream.” To me this book is about
    people who create messes and leave them to others to clean up. The modern equivalent of the Buchanans
    are the Clintons. 
  • The Things They Carried – Tim O’Brien (1990) – My favorite book about the Vietnam war.
    Read also Going After Cacciato, the 1979 National Book Award winner. 
  • Redeployment – Phil Klay (2014) – National Book Award winner for 2014 and perhaps the best
    book about the Iraq war as it covers all aspects of the war from the soldiers viewpoint. These might
    prepare them for a possible war with North Korea. 
  • The Underground Railroad – Colson Whitehead (2016) – National Book Award winner for 2016.
    Very creative! A must read!