LUCAS: Capito Is Supporting Trump

Votes To Confirm Betsy DeVos
By Conrad Lucas
West Virginia Republican Party

Conrad Lucas

We are proud of Senator Shelley Moore Capito, and our conservative team, in Washington who have led the way with the Trump Team to Make America Great Again. Today, our Senator joins the conservative majority to ensure that Betsy DeVos can repair our broken Federal Department of Education and ensure that our children can get the best education and choice of schools they deserve. DeVos is a leader in education freedom issues and will force our public schools to improve in the face of competition. 

It is clear, on the other hand, that current Senator Joe Manchin believes that our schools are just fine the way they sit today. Despite record spending nationwide, our students’ results are lagging less developed nations and Common Core is choking off the excellent and creative teachers who serve us now. Joe Manchin, as he proved again Monday night alongside Sen. Schumer and Sen. Warren, is simply a tool of the liberals who stand in the way of abolishing Common Core. As usual, when push comes to shove, Manchin takes the side of his Democrat masters in the Senate and against West Virginia’s choice to lead, President Donald Trump.