LAMBERT: Syringe In Family Dollar Blanket


Fortunately, No Injuries Are Reported

It started as an innocent shopping trip and ended with a dangerous situation, according to Carrie Lambert.

“I bought this blanket this morning for a photo session at Family Dollar in Eleanor,” Lambert posts on Facebook. In the blanket, she says, was a syringe. “Someone had put it in there neatly because the blanket didn’t look like it had been taken out at all.”

This isn’t what people expect, to happen, in the nice town of Eleanor.

Family Dollar says they are investigating.

Lambert’s Facebook post has plenty of reaction.

“That’s so scary to think that people are deliberately setting others up to be stabbed, infected, who knows what could happen! posts Vanessa Stone.

“Whoever did this needs to have their face blasted on the news! Absolutely disgusting! This could have been a child … my child who opened the blanket from the package.. horrible!” posts Tiffany Searls. “There could have been a million places to put the needle. Somebody deliberately placed this one to cause harm to somebody else. I hope and pray the tape is pulled a d the person is caught!!!”

“Wow.. I just can’t believe it.. so sad,” posts Nickole Prowse.

“It is a awful world anymore,” posts Pam Welker.