Hurricane Announces Crime Interdiction

Facebook Reaction Has Mixed Results

Scott D. Edwards

Should Hurricane police officers be allowed to randomly pull motorists over to fight drugs, and other crimes, in the Putnam County town? Is it great law enforcement or a violation of civil rights?

Those are some of the questions being asked after Mayor Scott D. Edwards made the following announcement on the town’s Facebook page, Wednesday, July 26th, 2017.

“We have formed a CRIMINAL INTERDICTION UNIT within the Hurricane Police Department. This unit consists of 4 police officers and one K-9 officer. The Criminal Interdiction Unit (CIU) will conduct in-town, I-64 and Route 60 interdiction of vehicles and persons responsible for using illegal drugs, transporting illegal drugs as well as other crimes. While on duty, they will also augment the officers on regular patrol as necessary for vehicle searches, K-9 tracking, etc.

It is sad that the number of drug dealers and drug users has caused this to happen, but I will do everything in my power to cause the arrest of each and every one of them in the City of Hurricane. While I cannot fix the entire problem, our police department can and will be aggressive in their patrol to catch those that are attempting to ruin our wonderful community.

To those of you that are not criminals: You will notice extra patrol. You will see more stops by officers. You may be stopped yourself, as this is part of true interdiction. If you are stopped, simply cooperate and you will be sent on your way. (by the way, thank the officers for doing their job. They are just doing what I have asked them to do.)

We need the community’s help to make this a success! We need you to call if you see suspicious drug activity. If you know drug activity is occurring at a specific location, we need to know. If you have a lead on any crime, we need you to call. We need you to be behind these officers as they do their jobs. Please call (304) 562-9911 with info, email CIU@HURRICANEWV.COM, or you can also private message me with non-urgent information and I will pass it on.”

Thank you
Mayor Scott Edwards

Edwards can also be reached, on his cell phone, at 304-419-0022, which he previously published.

Facebook comments support the mayor and police, and criticize the mayor and police as well as question the civil rights violation potential.

Kimberly Joyce Hesson Much needed in our little town. Thank you and the officers 👮

James Moore I believe King George had this same approach. How long till the Hurricane police enter your homes and tell you to cooperate and all will be fine..and tell the police thank you? Maybe anyone the Police think are agitators of the town they can where an arm band at all times to let everyone know they are an enemy of the state. Don’t get me wrong..I hate drugs but stopping and detaining innocent people to catch guilty is way to far in the wrong direction. Instead of harassing innocent people and asking them to thank them why don’t the police encourage judges to hand out harsher sentences and stick by them then tell the judge to say thank you?

Cathy Hunt So happy to see this, good work guys that’s why I’m glad I choose to move to Hurricane

Jonathan Lupson So not only should I be prepared to be pulled over for simply driving in the area, I should be thankful for it as well. Lol, okay. 🙄

Kevin Groff You hired more cops, to do things cops should technically already do. But are to busy drumming up revenue with badgering motorist. There are to many cops for the small area that counts as Hurricane as is. Maybe look into quality over quantity.


Ed Covert Stick to it Mayor. There are still a lot of folks in this good town that want to see lives saved. I appreciate all the city does for our community.


Kristen Rolfe Obviously a good idea. Just wish you’d make a few of your officers take sensitivity training. I don’t think its routine to tell someone and I quote “shut your (censored) mouth” just for saying, “is there a problem officer?” When all I was doing was eating a Gino’s pizza bread that he had literally watched me pick up. People probably would be more cooperative and complain less if we were shown the same respect they demand as officers. Just saying. 👌

Mark E. Dotson Civil rights violations!


Jason Bloss Screw that 4th Amendment. “Those who would give up essential liberties…”