Frampton Nets Third Gamer Of The Week

Poca HS Student-Athlete Recognized

Teays Physical Therapy Center, Inc. is pleased to present this week’s male  “Gamer of the Week” Award to Luke Frampton, senior, Poca High School – his third such honor.

Coming into this season the Dots were only returning two starters and had a different coach from the previous season. One of the returners happened to be Frampton, Poca’s star player. Typically, when teams experience restructuring to those degrees there will be some problems, but for Luke it was just another season.

Frampton says this about his final year, “I felt good going into the season because we worked hard all summer long preparing for it. I think that most people counted us out going into the season. It became motivation for us.“ For Luke and his senior class, they lost one game at home. His final record was 53 and 1 at home.

Trust and confidence are two essentials that you must have while you are competing. The Dots were only returning two starters, which meant three of their new starters played junior varsity the previous season. Frampton felt his team never missed a beat from the previous season and always went into a competition with the winner mentality and wouldn’t allow people to intimidate them. Frampton says, “We always felt we were the better team, and we played as a family. We knew what we were capable of and we trusted each other to do their task.” By the end of the season, the Dots were ranked 4th in West Virginia.

Frampton is a senior. However, his basketball career isn’t over. He is committed to Davidson University. According to Frampton it wasn’t too difficult to decide, “I loved the way the coach treated me while I visited, and the education I’ll receive there is unmatched.”

After high school, Frampton doesn’t know his exact course of study, but he does know he wants to be able to help people with disabilities just like his mother, Rebecca. She has been a role model for him in his life and he’s thankful for all she has done for him.

Coming into the season Derek Ragle was the new head coach for the Dots. At the end of the season, Frampton and Ragle had a high level of mutual respect for each other. Frampton has high praise for his coach, “Coach Ragle had us always prepared. He always gave us huge scouting reports, put us into a position to succeed, and always gave us positive reinforcement.”

While Frampton gave great feedback about his coach, Ragle has the same to say about his senior. “Luke is an outstanding worker who is second to none in work ethic. I have no doubts that he will do great things at Davidson. He is an outstanding person and I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to be his coach.”

Finishing up his senior year, Frampton has a 3. 6 Grade Point Average and is involved with National Honor Society and FCA. He also works in the community and volunteers his time. Luke helps with food drives as well as putting on basketball camps for the local kids.

Finally, Frampton wants to thank his friends Kyler Meeks and Bronson Skeens for being great teammates throughout his career.

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Publisher’s note: This news release was provided by Matthew Smith, MS, ATC, CSCS, Potential PLUS Program Director.