Fire Marshal Asked To Investigate Matusic Fires

StoneGate, Peach Ridge Barn/Brush Fires 

Joseph Henry Matusic, Jr.

The Sunday, March 12th, 2017 fire that destroyed a barn near Peach Ridge Road, outside of Hurricane and the 2012 StoneGate subdivision home fire may be investigated, by the West Virginia Fire Marshal’s office, after a request was made, to the state agency, Thursday, March 16th, 2017. Pediatrician Joseph H. Matusic, Jr., owned both properties when they burned.

Referring to the March 12th fire, “The blaze started when Dr. Matusic emptied ashes from his fireplace,” says Tom Withrow, of the West Virginia Division of Forestry. “They weren’t properly extinguished.”

According to Withrow, Matusic will be sent a bill for $200 for “suppression” costs and was issued an official Warning Citation.

Withrow says the Matusic barn, which was destroyed, had a $20,000 value. It is not known if Matusic will file an insurance claim for the structure.

In 2012, Matusic’s StoneGate home was set on fire, numerous times, according to the Teays Valley Fire Department which was called to extinguish both blazes. Joe and Pamela Greathouse Johnson Osborne Simpkins Matusic are not being accused of setting the house on fire – they were in Florida. The couple since divorced. is told that Matusic has his homeowner’s insurance with USAA. It is not known if they are investigating the fires.

Dr. Matusic is the former Eyewitness News morning pediatrician.

Coming soon… A look at the Pediatrician and the Sex Offender…