Federal Complaint Filed Against City National

Debit Card Frozen After 20 Cent Purchase

A Putnam County businessman is fighting back after City National Bank’s Fraud Unit put a hold on his debit card after he made a 20-cent photo purchase, which he had previously made.

“For hours, I couldn’t make orders, over a 20-cent purchase,” he recalls. “And, now, every time I order, from Walmart.com, because of the hold, my orders are delayed.”

The man, who is declining to be identified, says he has reached out to City National Bank, about this and other issues, and has not received a response to his emails.

Because of this he filed a complaint with the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

The cancellations, posted below this article, happened July 22nd. It wasn’t until the next day that the man was able to order the $6.99 T-shirt and a jewelry cabinet armoire, causing a delay in delivery of each item.

“It is simply, terrible, customer service,” he says. “If I tried ordering an 80-inch HDTV, from my hotel, in Jamaica, I can see a “fraud hold.” But a 20-cent photo of a pet? When I’d previously ordered, ‘drumroll’ please, a 20-cent photo of a pet? This is overkill! It’s no wonder people hate banks.”

The man’s accounts are with the Hurricane City National branch. He informed the bank that he is closing the accounts prior to August 31st, 2017 and already opened new accounts with another bank that promises to telephone him over any fraud alerts before freezing his debit cards.

“City National was my bank for more than a decade,” he recalls. “They have some great employees. However, you can’t go and freeze an account over a 20-cent pet photo purchase. That’s insane!”

Jul 22, 2017

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