Elected Officials Take Oaths For Offices

New Commissioner, Delegates Sworn In

For most of us, December means getting ready for, and celebrating, Christmas and the birth of Jesus Christ.

For politicians, it is a time to put their left hand on a Bible, raise their right hand, and solemnly swear to uphold the constitution and properly perform the duties for which they are elected.

Scott Brewer, Jim Butler, Geoff Foster, Nancy Reagan Foster, Ronald Reagan Foster and Joshua Kurt Higginbotham were among the Putnam County elected officials who took their oaths for office, during December, 2016, as a group and as individuals.

Ronald Foster, (R), will serve as Putnam County’s newest commissioner. Re-elected Putnam Circuit Judge Joseph K. “Joe” Reeder, (R), administered the oath as Ron’s wife, Nancy, observed. Also a Republican, she will serve as the 38th District’s delegate.

“It is a great honor for me to serve the people of Putnam County,” says Ron. “I am looking forward to getting to work on improving our county government and bringing jobs to our residents.”

Scott Brewer, (D), and Joshua Kurt Higginbotham,(R) are both newly-elected West Virginia Delegates in the 13th District. They took their oaths at the Mountain State’s Capitol.

“We used my personal Bible for the ceremony,” recalls Higginbotham. “With the current drug epidemic, a declining coal industry, and a worsening education system, I believe strong faith is greatly needed now more than ever. However, with new leadership for West Virginia, I feel there is hope and optimism now more than ever.”

In the November, 2016 General Election, Brewer defeated incumbent Michel Ihle, (R.)

Voters also kicked controversial Delegate Michel G. Moffatt, (R-22nd) to the curb.

Delegate Scott Cadle, (R-13th) did not run for re-election.

Foster is taking over the seat vacated by longtime Putnam County Commissioner Raymond “Joe” Haynes, whose bad financial decisions cost Putnam County hundreds of thousands of dollars (in the case of the Putnam County Health Department), and millions for the new animal shelter.

As a Parks and Recreation Commissioner, Haynes allowed Waves of Fun to close, in 2016, and County Pool to close in 2011.

West Virginia’s State Senators are scheduled to take their oaths in January of 2017.

The county and state office terms start January 1, 2017.