Deputies Remove Student From Buffalo High

“Hit List” Cannot Be Verified By PCSD

Putnam County Sheriff Stephen L. “Steve” Deweese is confirming that a Buffalo High School student is in a “safe school” after an incident, on campus, Wednesday, May 10th, 2017.

“We could not accurately prove threats to other students,” states Deweese. “He has since been ‘safe schooled.'”

Because the student is a juvenile, reportedly a male junior, is not releasing his name and other details of the incident that we are aware of. However, we are reporting this incident because rumors are flying about a “hit list.”

Obviously, students are aware of who the person is, and his name is being discussed all over town. A school is a tough place to keep a secret.

The boy was not arrested, Deweese says, “If anything, a petition will be filed.” Deweese did not say that a crime was committed. is further researching this situation and will report more news, if possible and responsible.

Officials from Buffalo High School and the Putnam County Schools Board of Education have not returned our calls, seeking information.