Commission Negotiating Comcast Contract

Last Contract Expired Two Years Ago

Putnam County’s Comcast customers may be surprised to know that the county has been without a contract for two years.

That is what the county’s commissioners were told during their Thursday evening, September 28th, 2017 meeting.

“I want to see more competition to bring better service and better prices,” Commission President Stephen H. “Steve” Andes says.

“I live one mile away from Suddenlink’s service area and one mile from Comcast,” complained Commissioner Robert “Andy” Skidmore. “It would be nice to have a cable company.”

Comcast services the north side of Putnam County while Suddenlink has the south side. Because the contracts are non-exclusive, the companies could compete in the same areas, however, the expense of installing lines, and the small county population makes this cost prohibitive.

County Manager Jeremy Young will be taking part in negotiations to start a new Comcast contract.

In other business:

  • Putnam County employees will receive small pay raises. County officials want to stay competitive with other nearby counties. This will cost Putnam County $128,765 annually. Employees have not seen an “Across the board” increase since 2013.