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Great Stories From Around The World Wide Web


Driving A Child Without A Car Seat…

Another Hero Cop Steps Up To The Plate

He Strikes Out The Final Batter

A Special Salute To A Soldier!


A Special Delivery!!!

This Flight Attendant Is A Hero

Tough Marine Saves Bunnies Lives

How CPS Kidnaps Children

This Hero Wore A Badge

Would You Recognize John Elway?

A Special, Surprise, Military Award

Twins Born In Different Years

Tax Dollars At Work

“Get On The Ground!” To Propose!!!

Who Wants To Adopt Houdini???

If You Think Pandas Are Cute And Cuddly

Things A Dog Lover Should Never Forget!

Say Awww!!!

A Fantastic Reunion Of Military Heroes!

Surprise, Grandma!!!

The Grinch Is Alive And Well In Idaho

A Very Special Camper Comes Home

Rescued From A Storm Drain

This Pet Owner Is From…

A Wonderul Thanksgiving Story!!!

This Officer Is A Hero!

A Special Man And His Horse!

An Amazing Version Of Amazing Grace

The Salvation Army Helps Those In Need

Hey Trooper! Can I Have Your Autograph?

Servicemen Meet Their Newborns!

As God As My Witness I Thought GoPros Could Fly!

Son Surprises Father With House!

Buns In The Oven – Pregnancy Surprise!!!

Fido And T-Rex: A Bad Combination!

Caution: Nature May Cause…

Do Not Try This At Home – Or Anywhere Else!

Caught On Go-Pro: Orcas Swimming

Louisa Breathes, Then Blows Judges Away!

Bless The Beasts And The Children!!!

Mama Bear, Five Cubs Go For A Swim!

A Behind-The-Back Home Run!

Grab Your Kleenex: Woman Meets Father

Covert Operations: Military Reunions!

Bravery Under Fire…

The Great Skunk War Is On!

A Doggone Great Video!

Scott & Duke’s Real Estate Adventure

Hallelujah: The Christian Version

Mission Accomplished: Military Reunions

What Do Teachers Make?

A Girl Scout Cookie Music Video

The Cool Dad Of The Year!

Life’s A Beach!!!!!

Plumber’s Snake, Anyone???

Secret Santa And K.C. Deputies = Heroes!

Blind Dog Rescues Teen From Ocean

Those Dang Deer!

Surprise Military Reunion Videos

KING Wants To Do The Weather

A Special First Wedding Dance

Chemo This Morning, Garth Tonight

Thief Tries To Rob Undercover Cop

A Star-Studded Edition Of “Friends”

Four-Legged Military Reunions

Boy To His Mother: No More Babies!!!

Katherine Meets Her Father-At 29

How Not To Execute A High Dive

Tulowhoopski! How Do You Spell???

Fireworks & Drones – Good & Bad

This Dad Has Baby On Board

Dog’s Best Friend!

Identical Twins – Separated At Birth

Reporter Joe Little Rescues Oakley

Boys Need Their Daddies!

A Story Of True Love

Alexandra Blows Simon, Judges Away

A Girl’s Tip For A Musician Leads To…

These Mothers Are Amazing

You Won’t Ever Want To Eat Out Again!

Give Her The Mother Of The Year Award

Dad Surprises Daughter At Cheerleader Practice

Corvette Carnage: Sinkhole Swallows Stingrays

Amazing 200-Year-Old German Desk

UTAH: Where School Lunches Are Trashed

Lost At Sea For 13 Months

Man Points Gun At Cookie Salesgirl

This Is Hilarious!!!!!

COPS: Snowplow Driver Was Plowed

The Last Look At A Unique Radio Station

Puppy Love

Landau And The Other Best Singing Auditions

Don’t Do This: Bring Grenades To Troopers

Man Busted For Speed Trap Sign

This Dog Says No To His Kennel

Peter Pan Pops A Pretty Special Proposal

Aussie X-Factor Emotional Moments

David Meece: We Are The Reason

Stay Safe Out There!

A Pug Story With A Happy Ending

The Baby Box

Charlotte and Jonathan Documentary

Goodbye, Master…

Fathers Of Teenagers: Watch This

Charlotte and Jonathan Get Beat!!!

Flight Of The Los Angeles Dodgers

LIVE In Japan: The Carpenters

Starbucks Picks On Corner Bar

One Man Choir? Simon Is Stunned

Florida Woman Harassed For Efficiency

Please Support Loren Nancarrow’s Healing Garden

FOX News 5 Worst Moments Of 2013

Out With The Old, In With The New

Cab Driver Finds $300,000 In Back Seat

Kenny Loggins: I’m Alright!

Detroit’s Once Glorious Buildings

The Carpenters – Close To You

Video Of A Drive-In Walmart

Sailor Surprises Girlfriend At Work

Tennessee Deputies Bust The Grinch

He Should Cite Him For The Ugly Car Instead

Tuba Player Charms Red Kettle Donors

Every Parent Of A Boy Can Relate To This

Brenda Schmitz’s Special Christmas Wish

There Are More Important Things Than Football

“Merry Christmas” Hoax Victimizes School

The Cellphone Company From…

MOBBED Celebrates A Hero’s Life

Bob Bennett’s Song About Baseball

Steve Archer: Through His Eyes

A Dog Rescue To Remember

Creepy Wedding Song Lyrics

Educators Out Of Control

Military Parents Get A Surprise!

Bryan Duncan: A Live Concert

A Wonderful Christmas Flash Mob

Going To Bed Sober Vs. Drunk

Disneyland’s Opening Day

Paul Walker Tribute Video

Woman’s Christmas Cash Is Returned

One Sign That Government Is Out Of Control

Indy Has Recovered

The Biggest Surprise, Ever!

Glad: That Hymn Thing

A Little Boy’s Dream Comes True

Best Friends Forever-Finally Meet

Ryu’s Noodle Commercial Bloopers

Teddy Bear Bomb Discovered

Surprise, Tough Guy!

Nice Timing, Isaac!!!

Sister Act: I Will Follow Him

Man Sends Strong Message To Ex-Wife

Tomblin Orders Hillbilly Hot Dogs Name Change

Power Outage Leaves Twins Dead

White Supremacist Learn’s He Is Part Black

She THOUGHT It Was Sunscreen…

How To Save America

Moms: This Video’s For You!

Bus Driver Rescues Suicidal Woman

COPS: Women Rampage Over Child Support

Seth Proposes To Hannah

Officer Thomas Is An Angel

Bat Dad Is Back

An Unforgettable Touchdown

NSFW: Mother

Pup Welcomes Eight-Month-Old Baby

These Hugs Say It All!

Family Reunion Georgia Southern Style

A Magical Proposal

Lightning Up Close-Really Close!

Saudi Woman Defies Driving Ban

Free The Bear!!!!!

How To Deal With Thieves

The Zach Hudnall Memorial Facebook Page

Mother Objects To BMI Letter

Surprise, Children!!!

A Baseball Friendship For The Ages

Too Many Pictures = Dead Dolphin

Woman Steals Ball From Little Girl

Tattoo Of Dodger Stadium On Head


God Made A Dog

Soaring Over Nature

It’s Amazing!

The Darwin Award Goes To…

Abandoned And Rescued-In One Day

This Bride And Groom Have Fun

A Fun Spiderman Reunion Surprise!

He Stood On His Head To Make Deals

Google Loses Privacy Lawsuit

It’s A Labor Day Homecoming!

Amputee Playing High School Football

Homeless Teen Hannah Nails Audition

Lucky Driver Escapes Falling Boulder

Senior Nyad Swims To Florida From Cuba

Lebron Donates HS Football Uniforms

Airman Comes Home, Surprises Wife

Jiordan Nails Musical Audition

Strangers Turn This Teen’s Life Around

Let Love Carry You-A Special Couple

Wrong Home Is Repossessed

Mother And Son Reunion-65 Years Later

Girlfriend Gets Surprise Of Her Life

Calmell Will Always Love You

Photo Op Turns To Baby Announcement

Big Surprise For Beachgoers

A Real American Hero

Caught On Camera: Detroit Bank Robbery

Got Munchies? Try Seattle

Animals + Trampoline = Fun

College Student Wins Tuition

One Man’s Child Support Story

14-Year-Old Boy Nails Audition

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Paralyzed Bride Walks Her Aisle

99-Year-Old Wins 99-Cent Shopping Spree

Car Towed With Children Inside

New Pro Football Team: L.A. Kiss

Dad & Son Dance On Camera

Marine Surprises His Daughters

How To Announce A Pregnancy

Irish Students Sing Cover The Cup

Baby Rescued From Floodwaters

Military Wives Sing For Their Heroes

Caught On Camera: 5 Shark Videos

Welcome Home, Sailor!

Hero Saves Neighbor’s Life

Greeting Tourists In Style

Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay

Really Heavy Metal!

Gotcha! A Prank Turns Into Proposal

Surprise! Daddy’s Home!

AMAZING VIDEO: Trapped Children Rescued

When You Believe-Sisters Sing

Cancer Survivor Scores Browns TD

Soaring Over Natural Beauty

Eli & Peyton: Football On Your Phone

Cody And Jackie Sing The Prayer

12-Year-Old Boy Saves Grandma

A Dog Gone Good Idea

Never Built Los Angeles

John Says Goodbye To Schoep

Surprise, I’m Home For Dinner!

Acrobat Walks Between Hot Air Balloons

Washing Machine Turned Into Instrument

Lion Tamer Shows Off Friends

Perfect SAT Score-By 14-Year-Old

A Poignant Love Story

The McCutcheon Quads

14 Heartwarming Photographs

Wife Surprises Soldier Husband

Niagara Falls: A Breathtaking View

Cute Father And Son Bedtime Ritual

Reunited With Family: Dolphin Escapes

Paul McCartney Helps Proposal

Six-Year-Old Makes Great Catch

Daddy’s Girl Is Reunited

Puppy Slides Down Stairs

Foster Girl Nails Song Audition

Happy 70th Birthday, Mom!

News Crew Rescues Puppy

D-Backs Freeze Sax’s Glove

Soldier Surprises Sister At Ballet Class

Homeless Man Is Rewarded In Big Way

A Bride Gets A Special Phone Call

Dog Found After Texas Tornado

Grandma Rocks Out!

Taking Forgiveness To A New High

Paralyzed Boy Walks Again

Golden Gate Bridge Proposal

Dog Greets Homecoming Soldier

Cowboy Daddy And Boy Buckaroo

There Is Nothing Like Your First Car

Little Girl Pulls Prank On Daddy

A Raven Cries For Help

Boy Reacts To Dad’s Homecoming

A Whale Is Rescued By Sailors

This Scuba Diver Reports For Duty

Pastor’s Daughter Belts It!

Dog Takes Swimming Pool Inside

Heroic Teens Save Kidnapped Girl

She Fulfills Her Father’s Wish

Double Surprise Military Homecoming

I’m A Daddy And I Know It

Panda Gives Birth To Twins!!

Voted Ugliest Girl Makes Great Speech

Heroes At The Metro Station

A Great Display Of Forgiveness

Family Portrait Is Completed

NSFW: KTVU Airs Fake Pilot Names

Guide Dogs Become Matchmakers

Autistic Girl’s One Moment In Time

Grab Your Kleenex!!!

Miracle Baby Shocks Doctors

Heroic Teens To The Rescue

Daddy’s Home!

Baby’s First Fireworks Show

Funny Teen Magician Will Amaze You

Sleepy Flower Girl Down For A Nap

Chase That Golden Thunder

Manning Busted: Attacks Painting

An Incredible Graduation Gift

Message In A Bottle: 97 Years Old

A Second Every Day

Royal Wedding Spoof

Ave Maria-In A Special Way

Marriage Proposal: Worship Style

A Fresh Breath Of Farm Air

Road Rage Caught On Camera

10 Most Shameful McDonald’s Locations

Rescuing Bethany

Marine Surprises Graduating Sister

Dads Experience Pregnancy

Funny Stuff: Mirrors And Animals

A Snowy, Memorable Proposal

Dog Takes Over The Ballfield

KTUL-TV-8’s Sign-Off From The 1970’s

Foal And His Teddy Bear Buddy

A Soldier Surprises His Son At Church

Orchestra Serenades Plane Passengers

Teen Needs Funds For Service Dog

Grandma Packs .357: Scares Burglar

Oh, Deer! Had The Munchies…

Lawsuit Over Eight Month Erection

Daddy’s Home!!!

Funny Breakup Letters

Happy Birthday, Now Jump, Grandma!

First Pitch, Then A Grand Slam Proposal

New Home Comes With Bomb Shelter

A Very Special Birthday Party

You Gotta Love This Graduate!

Oh Babies! Twins Born On Side Of Highway

The 50 Worst Major League Baseball Trades

Illinois DOT Busted Over Red Light Cameras

She’s Got Great Hands!

A Special Biblical Discovery

Dad Surprises Daughter At Gym Performance

Norton The Miracle Dog

Tyler Perry Comes Through For Students

Hailstorm Has Dog Playing

A Marriage Proposal Cooked To Perfection

Homeless Man Saves German Shepard

Marathon Bombing Survivors Toss First Pitches

Ryu Plays Catch With Kid In Stands

Marine Father Surprises Son At Assembly

Baby Rescued From Sewer Pipe

Woman Dies While Calling 911

Judge Orders $1 A Month Child Support

Skinny Dippers Busted At Myrtle Beach

Deck Of Cards

Oh Baby! Checks In At 13 Pounds

Drunk Man Crashes Into Troopers

Father Surprises Son At Graduation

Teen Takes Supermodel To Prom

Another Tornado-Dog-Owner Reunion

Holly Tucker Sings How Great Thou Art

Bikers Protect Funeral From Protestors

Memorial Day Lights Display

From Homeless Teen To Valedictorian

Women Roofers Help Their Neighbors

Disney Makes Mother’s Day Special

Miracle Mom, Miracle Baby!

Tornado Victim Reunites With Her Dog

A Song Of Hope For The People Of Oklahoma

Father And Daughter Reunited

Two Year Old Scores Perfect Goal

Class Of 1943 Finally Gets Its Prom

England Is An OK Lifesaver

Don’t Find Out You’re Dying To Start Living

First Pitch Becomes A Priceless Memory

Amy Grant: Children Of The World

Evancho Sings Bridge Over Troubled Water

A Major Mother And Daughter Reunion

Trying To Fetch The Frisbee

Two Husbands Experience Labor Pains

She Graduates With Her Hero

A Special Mother’s Day Surprise

The Power Of Hugs

Surprise Wedding Reception

Video Mocks Abercrombie & Fitch

Girlfriend Stabs Boyfriend For Farting

A Music Video From Outer Space

Battle Of The Baseball Uniforms

Amber Sings I’m Gonna Love You Through It

Soldier Surprises Mom At School

Cop Gives Citation And $100 To Motorist

Dancing His Way To Shape In The Gym

Corgi Guards Home-Against Spoon

Sisters React To News Of Twins

CNN Busted Faking Live Shots

Mom Gets Special Surprise From Son

Matt Kemp Reaches Out To A Fan

Shy Woman Breaks Out Of Shell

Change Is Gonna Come!

Baby Loves Her Silly Dog

Homeless Man Turns In Cash

Baseball Team Lifts Car From Girl

Disney Pianist Has Magical Keystrokes

A Very Special Wish Comes True

Hockey Goalie Brings “Best Christmas Ever!”

Drunk Driver Hits Police

Toddler Performs CPR On A Dummy

Science Project Goes Bad: Student Busted

Operation Thin Mint Helps Military

Bavarian Flash Mob Rocks Munich

Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Drive-Thru Camel Surprises Girl

Soldier Is Blown Away When He Meets Baby

A Family Photo Album Surprise

Disabled Boy Is Standup Comedian

Spellbound Gymnasts Stun Simon

This Prom Crasher Is A Welcome Sight!

A Very Special Touchdown Run

Zelectic Beatles… A Man’s Creation

Six People You Don’t Want To Be

Little Isaac’s Got Talent-Steals The Show

Don’t Mess With This Bishop!

Thank You, Heroes, For Saving My Life!

A Daredevil Has A Great View

Groom Surprises His Bride On Wedding Day

She Didn’t Have To Wait To Squeeze Him!

A Dying Dog Says Goodbye

David Phelps, Lauren Talley Sing The Prayer

Saving Valentina: A Humpback’s Story

A Baby Panda Sneezes

My Country Tis Of… DADDY!!!!!!!

Barbara Padilla Blows Away Judges

They Are Proud To Be Americans

Greatest Starbucks Order Ever!

A Mom Gets A Surprise From The N.B.A.

Airline Employees Help Little Boy

NSFW: News Anchor-From WVU-Lasts One Day

Simon Cowell Gets A Gospel Surprise

Ball Boy Gets Excited About Home Run

Signs For Sex Offenders Homes

Man Helps Ducklings Land Safe

Surprise Little Brother!

This Video Is A “Must See”

Avoiding Incest: There’s An App For That

Bruin Fans Take Over The National Anthem

A Scary Marriage Proposal

Juror Jailed For Texting During Trial

Some Days At School Are Truly Special

Overcoming Stage Fright In A Great Way

10 Questions Husbands Should Never Answer

A Truly Lucky Lottery Winner

Go Rafting With A Baptist

Mom Is On A Mission

This Man’s Best Friend-Is A Goose

A Toddler Outwits Her Toy

This Doggy Is Hungry!

Johnny The Bagger Boy

Be Careful About Where You Sit

The Piano Guys Perform We Three Kings

Disneyland Reunites Daddy & Daughter

Baggy Pants Banned In Louisiana

Rapping Weatherman Sings The Forecast

The Blindfolds Come Off To A Great Surprise!

Dog Protects Missing Three-Year-Old

Shadow Dancers Give Unique Praise

10 Most Annoying Home School Questions

Separated Sisters Reunited For Christmas

Weapons Found In Strange Places By TSA

This Dog Has His Own Snow Tunnel

The Middle East War Memorial Wall

A Father & Sons Reunion

Grandma To Be Flips Out

Creepy, Abandoned Theme Parks

Surf’s Up! Dogs Hit The Waves

This Bridal Party Really Grooves

Don Francisco Sings He’s Alive!

This Tough Soldier Wears Bunny Ears

Cop Pulls Over Easter Bunny

A Special Easter Bunny!

Ava Is Glad That Daddy’s Home

Shark Dies During Commercial Shoot

Celine & Josh Sing The Prayer

The Chick-Fil-A Anthem

Special Sisters Celebrate A Birthday

Billy Joel In A Improv Duet

Xavier’s Journey: A Baby’s Story

A Whole New World: 2 Grand

Soldier Surprise At Baseball Game

Shy Teenager Wows Skeptical Judges

Brad Proposes To Emily

Restore Your Faith In Humanity

This Grandma Can Really Sing!

A Great Buzzer Beater

Buble And Shelton Sing “Home”

A Priceless Easter Reunion

U2 And The Harlem Gospel Choir

She’s Going To See Mickey!

Cletus Take The Reel: A Parody

From Walmart To The Grand Ole Opry

Jesus’ Little Brother?

Baby Rocks Out To Dad’s Guitar

Foxes Bounce On A Trampoline

Widow Endures The Longest Wait

Pet Dog Kills Baby Sea Lion

A Happy Birthday, Daddy, Surprise!

AMY GRANT: Children Of The World

Man Brings Marijuana To Court

This Bear Wants A Train Ticket

Five-Year-Old Boy Hears For The First Time

Soldier Comes Home To New Puppy

BUSTED: Fugitive Wearing “Wanted” Shirt

A Great Version Of Hallelujah!

Flying Among Their Hawks

Guys’ Reaction To Childbirth

TOUGH LOVE: Parents Make Teen Hold Sign

Need A Caffeine Jolt? Death Wish Coffee

Mom Abandons Baby At Walmart

DAVID MEECE: Candle In The Rain

“I’m Coming Home” A Reunion Collection

Mom Tries To Sell Kids On Facebook

Dolphins Protect Diver From Shark

A Hockey Homecoming!

Josh Groban Picks A Fan For A Duet

Soldiers Save Senior From Flood Waters

Mom Drives Away With Baby On Roof

Take Your Candle, Go Light Your World!

Dad Comes Home For Christmas

Man Pushes Car To Safety From Train

Dancing In The Car Seat

A War Victim Moves An Audience With Song

The Most Awesome Surprise Ever!

Good Samaritans Save Chihuahua

Dance, Daddy, Dance!

Coon Cleans Up In The Kitchen

A Very Special Music Video

Missing In Milwaukee: Sausage Costume

The Best Gift In The World!

Go Mitchell! Go Mitchell! Go Mitchell!

This Screwy Rabbit Isn’t Bugs Bunny!

Doug Flutie The Knuckleballer?

Cute Weathercaster Goes Viral

Tongue Cancer Victim Nails Singing Audition

HMS Student Kicked Out For Dyed Hair

The 2013 Super Bowl Taco Bell Commercial

Best Of The 2013 Super Bowl Commercials

A Baby Hears His Mother For The First Time

Why You Should Respect A Customer’s Privacy
Beware Of This Real Estate Scam Artist

Five Years Later Chase Looks Back

A VERY SPECIAL Concert For One Girl

Looking Back At Historical Columbia Square

Those Google Cameras Are Watching Everywhere

A Man’s Anus, A Bottle Rocket, An Injury, A Lawsuit

Batmobile Sells For $4.62 Million

Looking For A “Sugar Daddy?”

The VOICE Honors Sandy Hook’s Victims

Monopoly To Discontinue Game Piece

Soldier Daddy Comes Home For Christmas

Sandi Patty Sings The National Anthem

School Mascot Becomes Quarterback

Tears Of Joy At Christmas

“Fresh Prince” Teen Sings Country

Grateful Dad Loves His Gift

Twin Sisters Fight Over Pacifier

K.T. & The Beach Boys Hear Music

A Hero Cop Saves A Woman’s Life

Facebook Tells Family Of Daughter’s Death

A Beautiful Tribute From SNL

Skidboot, An Amazing Dog

The Ultimate Movie Trailer

Saxophone Player Inspires Flash Mob

A Special Senior Night Surprise

Mom Forgives DUI That Killed Daughter

Students Punished For Topless Teacher Pic

Kidnap Victim Rescued From Car Trunk

Snake On Plane = Emergency Landing

Transplanted Mustaches? Click Here

Kitten Scratched (Record) Fever

A Rodeo Cowboy’s Fight To Survive

Surprise, Mom, I’m Home For Christmas!

Christmas Classics Played On iPads

NYPD Ofc. DiPrimo Protects And Serves

Lego Thrills An Austistic Child

Disney Flash Mob With Proposal

An Artistic Way To Increase Exercise

Fido Gives Firefighters Extra Help

Toddler Narrowly Escapes Death

Creative Workers Get Holiday Spirit

Puppy Rescued At Sea

Jackie Evancho Sings Silent Night

Christmas Food Court Flash Mob

Boy And Kitten Play Ping Pong

Amputees Perform Wonderful Dance

Adorable Dormouse Is Rescued

The Turkey Fairy Gives To Others

Cheerleaders Shave Their Heads

Tne Worst Of Black Friday

Busted For Riding Manatee

This Humble Housewife Sings Opera

Jazz Band Mesmerizes Cows

Drives For Two Miles With Victim On Hood

Woman Gets Great Surprise While In Labor

Robbery Stopped By Man In Wheelchair

A Couple’s Act Of Solidarity

Two Girls React To Their New Puppy

American Idol Singers Shout To The Lord

Photos Of 21 Thanksgiving Pets

Baby Girl Survives Displaced Heart

Six Decades Of Love

Landau Gets Under The Skin Of Judges

Heroic 12-Year-Old Stops Armed Robber

Powerful Advice From Paul Harvey

Family Dog Turns Into Hero

A Stranger’s Act Of Kindness

Punk Rocker Stuns Judges

Daughter And Father Start Flash Mob

Abandoned Church Saves Cancer Victim

Excited Otters Are Fun To Watch

Woman Runs Over Husband-For Not Voting

10-Year-Old Girl Can Really Sing!

Surprise From Soldier To Son

“Captain” Guards His Master’s Grave

Surprise Thanksgiving Flash Mob At Airport

International Song Of Peace

Couple Marries 50 Years After War

Skydiving Cats Land On Their Feet

Melissa Survives Her Own Abortion

Huge Dog Is Afraid Of Stairs

Singing Barmaid Blows Away Judges

Best Military Surprises

Hawkins Comedy About Worship Music

This Facebook Game Saves A Life

Abandoned Chihuahua Is Rescued

The Angel Flight

An Unforgettable Marriage Proposal

Two Little Boys Get Halftime Surprise

Sam Gordon Is A Gridiron Marvel

Dogs Are Family – For Life

She Sings “Dream On” – And Nails It!

The Rides Of Their Lives

Ministering To The Homeless

Animal Odd Couples: A Dog And A Deer

16-Year-Old Blows Away Judges

Soldiers Surprise Their Sisters

Woman Held In Jail – With Her Baby

Blind, Autistic Boy Sings Out

Sidewalk Driver Must Wear “Idiot” Sign

The Redskins Rule Predicts A Romney Win

A Soldier Sings One Last Song-With His Son

Cops Pull Over Truck Labeled Meth Lab

Insane Pregnancy Announcement Reaction

Great Hurricane Dog Rescue Photos

Turning Tragedy Into Romance

Halloween Prank Slows SoCal Traffic

Pee Wee Football Coaches Busted For Gambling

How To Eat A Birthday Cake

Fake Hurricane Sandy Photos That Went Viral

PETA Wants Memorial For Dead Fish

10-Year-Old Tricks Three Burglars

Risky Business: A Skunk Rescue

Cancer Victim Nails National Anthem

Brother And Sister Share A Special Bond

A Bus Driver Saves A Student’s Life

He Came Home For Christmas

Chuck The Dog: Reunited After Four Years

Kids With Cancer Get SuperHero Surprise

Twenty Cute Animal Pictures

Kind-Hearted Kyle Goes To World Series

Back To Church: The Rapping Pastors

From Canvas To A Work Of Art

A Presidential Wedding Surprise

The Funniest Baptisms

Sign This Kid Up!

Marathon Runner Drops Dead, Then Revived

From Jilted To Jackot: $30 Million

Teen Recovers From Massive Burns

A Beautiful Rendition Of Hallelujah

Woman Misunderstands Deer Crossing Sign

Cancer Victim Leaves Inspiration

She’s Pregnant And She Knows It

Couple Caught Having Sex In Restaurant

A Man, A Bear, A Special Friendship

Jody And Katie Perform A Duet

Sexton Makes A Judicial Training Video

Tyson The Tiny Fighter

Soldier Returns Home-And Proposes

The Seasons Of Life

Moses The Rescued Pet Elephant

A Homeless Man Rescues A Baby

The Boogie-Boarding Chipmunk

Do Not Try This At Home!

Soldier Surprises Her With Proposal-On HLN

Two Orphaned Walrauses Survive

From Baby To Man: 21 Years Of Pictures

12-Year-Old Saves His Grandmother

Great News: The Tumors Are Gone!

Facebook Won’t Let Peyton Manning Register

God And Dog

Soldier Dad Suprises Daughter At School

A Song Brings A Girl From A Coma

Need A Laugh? Dogs And Babies

Pregnant Woman Base Jumps – To Death

911 Operator Helps Boy With Math

Brave Dog Rescues Friends In Canoe

Marines Rescue Cancer Survivor

She’s Going To Disneyland!

Alexandra Burke Sings Hallelujah

Burning Fireman Finds Faith In God

Hero Saves Dog Tossed Out On Freeway

Triple Amputee Overcomes Adversity

Only In L.A.: Shuttle Driving Down The Street

Giant Eyeball Washes Up On Florida Beach

Man Cooked To Death At Tuna Factory

C-A-L-I-F-O-R-N-I-A Is On The Move

Turtle Taped To Balloons Is Adopted

3,000 Pounds Of Pot Found At Sea

Single Mom Amazes Judges

Man Dies After Eating Cockroaches

Junk Remover Finds $100,000 – Returns It

Guardian Angel Saves Woman’s Life

Rescuing Puppies From A Puppy Mill

Taking Sportsmanship To A Better Level

Party Clown Sentenced For Raping Girl

A Touching Video For A Fallen Officer

This Great-Grandmother Can Sing!

Ducks Experience Water For First Time

A Father’s Awesome Love For His Son

Amazing Rendition Of Amazing Grace

Waiter Gets A $500 Tip

A Tornado Tragedy From Joplin

Teen Redeems Himself With Great Audition

Fifty Worst Baseball Team Logos

Buster’s Ice Cream Truck-Too Cute!

Dog Tracks Down Its Owner-In The Hospital

A Cool Whip Container Of Cute

This 11-Year-Old Girl Can Really Sing!

Unconditional Love: Dying Man Marries

Twin Babies Mimic Their Daddy’s Sneeze

Baby Goats Discover A See-Saw

Dog Caught In Car Grille-But Survives

A Special High School Homecoming

Brothers Are Re-United In A Special Way

Senior Is Rescued At Last Possible Second

A Fantastic Rendition Of Hallelujah

This Couple Can Write A Commitment Book

Cheerleaders Take A Stand For Jesus


Diamond Puts Simon In His Place

A Soldier And His Squirrel

They Marry On His Deathbed

Boy Sings Who Am I

This Cat’s Got Mail!

Single Dad Has Great Audition

Anchor Woman Blasts Weight Critique

Diaper Dilemma: Worldwide Shortage?

Man Eaten By His Hogs

Father Surprises Daughter On Her Birthday

Sixteen-Year-Old Girl Will Make You Believe

Mom Hears Her Son For First Time

Caterpillar Captivates Gorillas

Bus Driver Gives Homeless Man His Shoes

Overcoming A Family Accident

Birds And Ballparks: A Bad Combination

Teen Burglar Gets Stuck In Oven Vent

A Father Sings For His Little Boy

Caring For 15 Dogs

Leading His Football Team In Prayer

Caught On Camera-For Doing The Right Thing

Mom Busted For Letting Children Play Outside

Abandoned Girl Sings About RESPECT!

Woman Donates Car To Hit & Run Victim

CNN’s Top-10 Heroes Of 2012

Williams Accused Of Biting Off Pigeon’s Head

Airports Hire Goats To Trim Grass

102 Year-Old Works On 82 Year-Old Car

Last Of Sextuplets Released From Hospital

Mother Of Four Reduces Judge To Tears

A Fun Pregnancy Announcement

Man Gets A Wake Up Call From Hell

Gaithers Sing Worthy Is The Lamb

Beagle Puppy Barks For First Time

Why You Should Never Give Up!

Couple Sacrifices Wedding To Save Dog

22 Random Acts Of Kindness

Taylor Sings For A Boy With Cancer

Geese Get Trapped In Traffic

13-Year-Old Girl Impresses Simon

Two Stray Dogs Are Rescued

Five Acts Of Kindness

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Injured Pup Crawls Home After Tornado

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TV Reporter Ruins OC Fair Ice Sculpture

Field Of Dreams Could Be Yours – For $5.4 M

Take Me Out To The Ballgame Scribe Honored

Confessions Of A Disney Cast Member


Golfer’s Swing Sparks 12 Acre Brush Fire
TV Reporter Ruins OC Fair Ice Sculpture

Field Of Dreams Could Be Yours – For $5.4 M

Take Me Out To The Ballgame Scribe Honored

Confessions Of A Disney Cast Member


L.A. TIMES: Actors Turned Politicians

Baseball Fan Sues Over Hot Dog

People Of, Some Scary Pictures!

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