City of Winfield Cemetery

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Putnam County’s Only Municipal Graveyard

Putnam County is home to hundreds of historical cemeteries-each with a unique story.

However, only one is owned and operated by a city.

The City of Winfield Cemetery is located, in a quiet neighborhood, on Rocky Step Road. It was established in 1893 when the City purchased a plot of land from George C. Bowyer.

A second section was obtained, from C.C. Bowyer, in 1907, adding 120 plots, which resulted in creating 480 individual spaces. Both of these sections had completely sold out, so in 1990, the final section was acquired, making 776 new spaces available for purchase.

Prior to 1973, only sketchy records of sales and burials were available. Former Mayor and resident, B.Y. Lett recognized the historical significance of the Winfield Cemetery and undertook the project of surveying and documenting the older sections, making available mapping and burial information for future generations. He donated his own time and labor to compile this information. Mr. Lett passed away in 1998 and was interred in the cemetery that he so unselfishly worked to improve. His dedication and pursuits are sadly missed.

The Winfield City staff and elected officials have continued the pursuit of updating records for historical significance. If you have information that you feel would contribute to this history, please contact City Hall.

Currently there are 457 individual spaces available for sale. After these are sold, there will be no additional land available for purchase to expand the cemetery. If you are interested in purchasing a space, please call City Hall for current pricing.

Mowing service is provided by the City Public Works Department and is funded through the City’s General Fund budget; however endowments, trusts and/or donations are gratefully accepted for mowing or other maintenance that may be required. Security is provided by the Winfield Police Department.