Celebrations Could Come Back To Schools

Cakes, Ice Cream Were Never Illegal

Yes, West Virginia, you can celebrate a birthday in your classroom!

In a stroke of common sense rarely seen from the Mountain State Capitol, state officials lifted West Virginia’s much-criticized ban on bringing foods, including cakes, ice cream and cupcakes into our public school classrooms for celebrations.

However, don’t start frosting your cake – yet

This decision now allows people to bring outside “non-nutritional food” into public classrooms to be made by county board of education offices. That means they can still ban the sweet treats.

Former Putnam County Board of Education administrator and current¬†Deputy State Schools Superintendent Cindy Daniel says the state board of education didn’t have a formal policy but rather a guideline that banned cakes and ice cream.

During its Thursday, March 9th, 2017 meeting board member Miller Hall states that he hopes that “we don’t go back to losing control of child nutrition in the counties.”